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Note:  Heel USA has sold its USA operation to MediNatura.  The product replacing Heel's Detox Kit is, BodyAnew Cleanse Oral Drops 1 kit by MediNatura (product code M20118).  New products are California Prop 65 compliant. 

We have specific homeopathic and natural herbal programs designed to help the body prepare for and to recover from devastating vaccines and poisons: After antibiotic therapy; Corticosteroid or Amalgam Intoxication. Environmental Toxins, Addictions and Recovery, and Childhood vaccines. For those that suffer froml ong term or re occuring colds and flu's, allergies and asthma, from chronic inflammation from unknown sources, from low level fevers and night sweating, and Heart Disease.

 Simple and easy to use. Just shake a few drops in a water bottle and sip throughout the day. Works on a deep level helping the body remove accumulated toxins and rebalance naturally. Safe effective with no side affects. Guaranteed.

recently released study reported by MSNEBC has confirmed the work done by VaIetin Fuster,. MD,  President  of the American Heart  Association This landmark 1999 book, The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque showing that heart disease is an inflammatory event rather than an atherosclerotic event 

It is widely believed that deposits of cholesterol and calcium (known as plaque) build up on the walls of coronary arteries and are the major cause of heart attacks As the vessels accumulate more and more plaque deposits, ii is thought, ultimately a critical mass of plaque is reached and a heart attack occurs. However, the current study arid aforementioned book shows this not to be the case. 

 The current explanation of occlusive events states that when relatively low levels of plaque build-up occur and then become inflamed or infected, the resulting inflammation leads to a local area of blood hyper coagulation and the sudden formation of a blood dot in a relatively previously open area of the artery- This fresh, immediate clot abruptly occludes the artery arid causes a heart attack. Therefore, relatively young and healthy patients without previously known heart disease can experience a fatal sudden event such as has recently occurred with well known, young, healthy athletes during this past year 

 Patients should be aware that a blood test exists to measure a patient's risk for this inflammation. The test measures C-reactive protein. Every at-risk patient should have this test done routinely. It is critical to researches and properly treat the causes of inflammation which can have a variety of different etiologies. 

 One current theory on the cause of inflammation is that t is caused by toxic levels of environ­mental pollutants such as heavy metals, chemicals and low-grade viral infections. 

The removal therefore, of toxins through the drainage procedures of Homotoxicology can head to a reduction in the inflammation processes that lead to many problems including coronary artery disease. Many patients are using different forms of therapy including nutrition, diet chiropractic care, acupuncture, cardiac drugs and surgical procedures, chelation therapy. etc. A program of homotoxicological preparations in conjunction with others of the mentioned thera­pies optimizes the effectiveness of the other procedures.

Combining three carefully formulated remedies to relieve symptoms of illness caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and/or exposure to environmental toxins, the Detox-Kit works by stimulating the body's natural processes of elimination to cleanse itself of these poisons, which can build up over time and negatively affect the immune system. Lymphomyosot® stimulates the lymphatic system; Nux vomica-Homaccord® stimulates the gastro-intestinal pathway and liver function; Berberis-Homaccord® stimulates the kidney and gallbladder systems. Simply add the recommended dosage to your water and consume throughout the day. Three 50ml bottles per kit.

Suggested use:  shake 10-30 drops of each vial into a 16 fl oz water  bottle and sip through out the day. Complete instructions will depend upon individual circumstances and course of treatment will vary individual to individual. 

Through  lifestyle and a positive probiotic diet one can reclaim and maintain their health. A healthy intestinal flora is the center for a holistic health approach and not a secret for longevity.

homeopathic program easy to use, easy to follow. convenient oral drops
 Note:  Heel has sold its USA operation to MediNatura.  The product replacing Heel's Detox Kit is, BodyAnew Cleanse Oral Drops 1 kit by MediNatura (product code M20118).  New products are California Prop 65 compliant. 

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