What About Those Mushrooms

Kombucha "Mushrooms" are not really mushrooms. Though they may in a funny way look like one. More so if they're ugly and strange looking. Before they actually knew what kombucha really was, it was widely believed to be produced from yeasts. So it was called a yeast paddy. Probably some wannabe scientific type thought hey, yeast is a Fungi so these must be a Yeast Fungi made from tea, and therefore scientifically it would be a Tea Fungus. But, thinking who would want to drink 'fungus', and knowing that fungus was a mushroom, started calling it Kombucha Mushroom Tea. 

Yeah, call it what you will - What is it good for?


Kombucha "Mushroom" Tea is a simply Tea and Sugar Ferment. 

The Acetobacter bacteria in kombucha which produces the principle health benefits (acetic acid & gluconic acid) are also responsible for producing what has  variously been  described as  "Mushroom", "Tea Fungus"" SCOBY", "Yeast Paddy" is the home of the yeast and bacteria which produces a unique Cellulose  Structure.  

Common uses of these "mushrooms"

To start another batch of Kombucha Tea

May be eaten. Although the cellulose is tough it is edible.  Basic recipes call for small thin slices. Sometimes raw in salads raw or cooked in with soups. Quick fried as in calamari.  Dogs and horses generally love them raw.  They make for great compost and benefit acid loving plants like roses , evergreen trees. and Benefit Christmas trees. see What's in your kombucha

There are records of the mushrooms being used in wound healing.

The Mushrooms themselves or sour Kombucha Tea can be used applied directly to irritated skin, or where a dog severely bite and chew their skin. 

Make a Refreshing Face Mask simply by cutting out holes for the eyes and nose. 

They can be stored in a Kombucha Hotel and are ready to start a new batch or be given away to friends and family. 

They can be frozen or dried to save as a back-up if case something goes wrong with your principle ferment. 

They can be Dried. 

Roll up and dried makes healthy chew toys for you pets. 

They can be used like leather. Often used for shoes during the early World Wars. IMO, when the mushroom gets wet they are slippery

The big advantage that the Kombucha Mushroom offers is that they grow easily. Form to any size and shape container. And the thickness increases with time. Principally for that reason  Commercial Bacterial Cellulose (Kombucha Mushroom)  are gaining in favor over the traditional Plant Cellulose.

Commercially used to make speakers.  

Make a Drum Skin.  After a KOMBUCHA  has air  dried about 95%,  and is flat as a board but still very flexible, you can put it on your drum and let it finish drying. You can also create small Kombucha-leather amulet pouches and other leather products. The DRIED KOMBUCHA is actually tough and strong as leather but easier to work with when sewing in designs, etc. except holes once punched into it won't re-close as leather would.


to be continued.

we hope to upload more ideas and suggestions and pictures very soon.

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