MindEase the Free and Easy Wanderer

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MindEase the Free and Easy Wanderer

In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine "Free and Easy Wanderer" 

Suggested dosage: Tablets: Each bottle for a two-week supply.  Granules: prescription strength available after a qualified consultaion (used in the studies) are packaged 42 packets per unit. Take one packet with water 3 times a day. Liquid Extract: Happy Herbalist generic liquid extract 2 fluid ounces. Take 10-15 drops 3 times a day. (15-30 day supply).

HONSO is respected Japanese evidence based oriental medicine company who produces Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (Kampo). Kampo has been an integral part of Japanese health care for over 900 years. In Japan only licensed medical doctors may prescribe Kampo herbs. Additionally Japanese insurance companies cover the cost of these herbal prescriptions.

This classical formula soothes an overly rigid Liver and, nourishes a weakened Stomach and Spleen. Usually presentation is  headaches, dizziness, flank pain, and tiredness. Signs that the Wood element is moving in the wrong direction or is overly stiff. The remedy was quickly adopted in China for gynecological problems, such as irregular and painful menses and breast distention, and is still considered an indispensable formula for regulating the flow of women's blood. Because of the combination of ingredients, it can be used for digestive problems, which are due to the stagnation of Liver-Wood energy. This can include such symptoms as loose stools, gas, distention, bloating, and chronic stomachache.

The main criterion for selecting this remedy is an angularness, rigidity, and lack of smoothness. Behaviorally, an uneasy, aggressive, pent-up tightness could be evident. In style of dress, look for bold colors and immaculate appearance. In a constitutional approach, look for a long face, broad forehead, narrow cheeks, or an overly masculine appearance. There may be a tendency to walk firmly and boldly. Look for an impulsiveness and explosive quality of personality, and for problems that seem to come and go depending on moods or situations. This formula may also smooth energies on a more subtle level and is an important remedy for remedy for edginess, agitation, and anxiety, this is also a crucial remedy for anger, belligerence, and negativity, hence its popular English name - Free and Easy Wanderer. The Wanderer helps one overcome obstacles to recognizing and experiencing the universal oneness that connects Heaven and Earth, and all of creation. It enhances the harmonious cooperation of all the elements necessary for a peaceful, balanced, and fulfilling existence. May also be used for Tremor from Parkinson’s, and Parkinson’s support people. Neurology, CNS, Autonomic dysfunction, anxiety, stress, Psychiatry, Autonomic imbalance, psychosomatic  menopause, PMS,  whenever things begin to pile up.
In China disorders such as  chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, pelvic inflammatory disease, dysmenorrhea, and premenstrual syndrome. [Selected Discussion of Chinese Medical Prescriptions, 1981, pp. 173-182] 

Augmented Rambling Formula, Xiao Yao San, Kami-shoyo-san,

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