Complete 1 Gal Glass Dispenser Starter kit + Stand.

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Complete 1 Gallon Glass Kombucha Mushroom Starter Kit with Stand  Guaranteed Success.

Includes; everything you need to make great kombucha tea. Just add water to get started. 

100% Organic

* Fresh large 5 inch Kombucha mushroom "baby" harvested fresh grown in all glass gallon size container so it fits perfectly.  For choices and more options read more 

*  Blend of our Organic Black and Organic Green Tea for a balanced Kombucha Tea. in our extra-large T-Bag. .

We have a huge selection of Tea'sMedicinal Herbs and Spices  available. We have personally tested these for kombucha compatibility. Based upon my clinical experience and studies of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine,   (licensed California Acupuncturist and Herbalist,) I have noted the unique healing properties of each in the hopes of better serving your personal health goals - or just to enjoy a rich personal and rewarding taste. 

*  Organic Sugar 

*  One Gallon Glass Brewing Jar with Spigot, metal cap

Should be no surprise. but. Glass Breaks. Use ONLY room temperature liquid.

Carefully inspect when it first arrives. We do ship insured. Report any damage immediately. Clean with white distilled vinegar, and check for leaks BEFORE using .

*  Metal Stand.

*  Cloth and elastic ban

 One cup of extra strong kombucha starter tea.  

*  Stick on Temperature Gauge. (recommend brewing range 74-84F)  

* Our 3 rd edition of Kombucha Brewing Booklet. 77 pages of tips, recipes, problem solving and bottling tips. Free PDF Download of our 78 page (and growing) Kombucha Craft Brewing with recipes for Kombucha Beer, Kombucha Wine, Kombucha Vinegar and more. How to test alcohol levels and acid levels. 

 Unconditionally Guaranteed to produce a healthy Kombucha Mushroom Tea the very first time.

Typically Ships same day. 2-3 days transit time. 

 HappyHerbalist has over 25 years of experience in Kombucha brewing and as an Acupuncturist & Medicinal Herbalist licensed by the state of California Ed used Kombucha  along with Herbal teas and spices to help hundreds of people and to guide them to reagin their health and vitality naturally. 

To enhance the flavor and health check out our  Kombucha Brewing Guide articles online

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Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

Look over our online gallery and with large images and descriptions of what to look for and what to avoid.

How to Make Kombucha 



Thank You

Ed and Sue Kasper 

cell / text  919-518-3336

Warranty Information

* Our Extra Large SCOBY (Jumbo by internet standards) measures 6 inch across by 1/4 inch thick

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1 Gal w Stand Complete

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