History of Wood in Brewing

History of Wood in Brewing

Published by Peter Bouckaert (New Belgium Brewing Company) on 24th Sep 2016

I just finished watching a presentation on the History of Wood in Brewing, sponsored by the American Home Brewers Association (AHBA) Although the talk was all on beer and the benefits of brewing beer in wood I feel it aptly applies to Kombucha, Ginger Beer and other Soda Probiotics. The big advantage that I have experienced in brewing Kombucha in Wood - especially where the barrel has been charred (burnt) is the charcoal filters out undesirable elements (like methanol - toxic alcohol) an smooths out a harsh brew. 

I was surprised that brewmaster Peter Bouckaert (New Belgium Brewing Company) alluded that charring of the barrels (referred to as toasting) was originally to get rid of the fish smell - as barrels were often used to store everything, including fish in the day.
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