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A Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine for OB/GYN. Written in the Eastern Han Dynasty text Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Chest (220 A.D.).  The kampo formula from HONSO is called Kampo4Women - Monthly Ease, Keishi-bukuryo-gan in Japanese and Gui Zhi Fu Ling in Chinese. Cinnamon and Hoelen is the common English name.  A very popular and safe herbal tea.

Bottle tablets /granules are for a 2 week supply.  HONSO no longer makes this product
available as Happy herbalist's generic Liquid Extract last 15-30 days.
 30 ml European Dropper Bottle Great for Traveling. 

This formula is classical for ovarian cysts and breast lumps. (Phlegm Stagnation). Also for For phlegm or blood stagnation in genital area, especially female. If painful to touch, mass or irreg menses, difficult labor, or postnatal placenta probs (not expelled).  Pregnancy with Blood Stasis in Womb resulting in chronic mischarage: Bleeding Mild, persistent uterine bleeding of purple or dark blood during pregnancy accompanied by abdominal pain that increases with pressure.  Also for such problems as immobile masses in the lower abdomen with pain and tenderness, abdominal spasms and tension, amenorrhea with abdominal distention and pain, dysmenorrhea, and retention of the lochia.  All disorders are accompanied by a choppy pulse.  Tongue: Slightly, purple, white coat

Physical Indications: In Chinese medicine, Blood is a dense, material form of qi and, as such, needs to flow evenly and regularly; its movement should never be forced or erratic. If the smooth flow of Blood is blocked, a condition of congealed Blood may result. Congealed Blood often results as gynecological complaints such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and post-partum retention of lochia. Women's Chamber is especially useful when congealed Blood causes palpable masses in the lower abdomen, which may be accompanied by pain and tenderness.
On a circulatory level, congealed Blood can manifest as chronic numbness in the limbs, chronic skin problems, and chronic chest pain. Therefore, Women's Chamber is a suitable formula for women or men who present these types of conditions.

Chinese medicine considers Blood to be the aspect of ourselves that allows our behavior and activities to flow comfortably and smoothly; it allows us to feel rooted and to have a sense of our place in the world. Conversely, congealed Blood can cause feelings of terror, disconnection from oneself, and paranoia. Women's Chamber can help alleviate such emotional imbalances and restore a sense of stability.

Pharmacotherapeutic effects of on human uterine myomas.
Sakamoto S, Yoshino H, Shirahata Y, Shimodairo K, Okamoto R.
Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.
frequently used in the treatment of gynecological disorders such as hypermenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and sterility. We previously reported that KBG might act as a LH-RH antagonist and a weak anti-estrogen on the uterine DNA synthesis in immature rats. In the present study, we investigated the effects of KBG on 110 premenopausal patients with uterine myomas. Clinical symptoms of hypermenorrhea and dysmenorrhea were improved in more than 90% of the cases with shrinking of uterine myomas in roughly 60% of the cases.
Applications: Leiomyoma (Uterine fibroid), primary dysmenorrhea, cervical erosion, ovarian cysts, chronic salpingitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, lochioschesis. Pain management, PMS, Endometriosis, adenomyosis, leiomyoma Hypermenorrhea , functional dysmenorrhea, organic dysmenorrhea, Polycystic ovary, Atherosclerosis, infertility,

It can also be used by men for prostate problems.and hemmroids.

And also helpful for both sexes in relieving emotional trauma when there is a sense internal disconnect.

Keishi Bukuryo Gan for Post-menopausal Hot Flash Management

This study tests to see if TU 025 Keishi Bukuryo Gan reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes in post-menopausal American women. This study will also estimate the best dose amount and determine the common short-term side effects and risks.

Detailed Description:
Menopause is a natural transition in a woman's hormonal state associated with the cessation of ovulation and menstruation. For approximately 80% of peri-menopausal women, menopause may be defined by the experience of uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, dyspareunia, urinary frequency, sleep disturbance, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Hot flashes are the most common complaint of perimenopausal and postmenopausal Western women. Approximately 10-20% of postmenopausal women find such symptoms nearly intolerable. Nearly one-third of postmenopausal women experience disruptive hot flashes for 5 years after natural menopause and approximately 20% experience hot flashes for 15 years.

Menopause has been understood as an estrogen deficiency state from which women are placed at great risk for osteoporosis, colon cancer and heart disease. For symptom management, as well as for disease prevention, the medical response for 20 years has been hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In recent years, as many as 38% of US women between ages 50 and 74 years were using HRT.

For menopause hormone therapy, in 2005, counseling patients from an evidence-based perspective means informing patients of the significantly increased risk of dementia, breast cancer,endometrial cancer,venous thromboembolism and gallbladder disease. Additionally, physicians must also state that hormone therapy increases the risk of cardiovascular events (heart attack or strokes) in women with or without pre-existing heart disease. Furthermore, well-done studies demonstrate that hormone therapy does not enhance health-related quality of life.

For this reason, there is great interest in non-hormonal alternatives for menopausal hot flash management. The current standard of care, based on controlled clinical trials in women with breast cancer, is the use of SSRI anti-depressants such as venlafaxine. However, many women seek other options.

In Japan, TJ25 Keishi Bukuryo Gan is a leading non-hormonal prescription agent for management of menopausal hot flashes. However, no clinical data exists on its effectiveness in American women.

This is a pilot phase II clinical study to estimate the effectiveness of TU-25 Keishi Bukuryo Gan for reduction of both the severity and the frequency of hot flashes in healthy postmenopausal American women. This study will also estimate the best dose and determine the common short-term side effects and risks.

University of Minnesota General Clinical Research Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, 55455 identifier: NCT00119418



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