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Counter Top WATER DISTILLER     99.9 % Pure Distilled Water

Water Fresh Pure is essential to Health
for Drinking, Cooking, Kombucha Brewing, Herbs.  

Up to 5 gallons Pure Steam Distilled Water Per Day

The simplest easiest road to peak health and performance is drinking fresh pure water. I recommend a minimum of drinking 1/2 of you body weight in fresh pure water every day. That means if you weigh 100 pounds drink 50 oz of water. That is not any liquid - its fresh water. If you're not drinking that much you're probably afflicted with some disorder. Try my recommendation. Its free! Drink tap water if you have to but drink my recommended dosage for 30-60 days and you will fell better - guaranteed.

Because your body is flushing stored toxins - as the toxins are released you'll find yourself running to the bathroom more often. This will soon end as your body achieves a healthy homeostasis, usually within 60 days,

you'll sleep better, feel better and life will be simpler.

Guaranteed Quality

Food Grade Poly Storage Container

Stainless Steel Lined Boiling Chamber

Up to 1 Gallon of Pure Steam Distilled water in 5 hours

Container of Water Distiller Cleaner ($20 value) includes residue cleaner, and a 6 pack of filters.
These are a 'generic' distiller filter, available from many sources, once again keeping the water distiller cheap to operate.
Water Distiller has stainless steel distillation coil and a complete bottom and side stainless steel boiling chamber, which eliminates the number one problem with most low cost water distillers, a plastic boiling chamber cracking. Ours is stainless steel, top to bottom. 

Weight  8 Lbs (shipping weight is higher)
Wattage 600 W  Voltage  120  VAC 

Output: Up to 1 Gallon every 5 hours

Performance may vary depending upon water temperature, electrical current, humidly, temperature and other factors.

Countertop Water Distiller Stainless Steel Interior includes one gallon container

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