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1.       5 liter (1 1/3 gallons) American White Oak Barrel with a medium toast.  All wood Spigot
Unit measures 12 high x 8 x 8.    Comes with cloth cover, wood spigot, sterilizing and conditioning kit and complete directions.

Brewing Capacity leaving 2 inches from the top) 288 ounces (~ 130 fl oz)  produces 16-32  fluid ounces daily   or 1+ gallon on a 8-14 day cycle via the Single Stage Method.  Our regular price $125.00


2.      Our  Brettanomyces Kombucha Mushroom Culture (SCOBY) and liquid starter tea. This unique yeast ferments very well in oak. Additionally this yeast does well in higher temperatures better suited to the kombucha's gluconobacter bacteria that produces the beneficial acids that make kombucha so unique and healthy.  Our regular price $19.95


3.      Ukeg 64. Keeps your kombucha Tea fresh and well carbonated.  Allows you to set the degree of carbonation you wish, so you brew is always fresh and tasty. No more flat kombucha tea. Fits nicely in the fridge and is always ready. Our Regular price $139.00.  


Setting up your new American Oak Barrel

Place in an area that will allow for some leakage (like in the tub)

Push in the wooden spigot. Add a few light taps with a hammer.
or if using the plastic spigot the washer may go on the inside or outside. Hand tighten only be careful not to overturn and strip the plastic not.

Fill 75% with warm water. Avoid getting the outside of the barrel wet. Black spots may appear. Rinse off with vinegar and dry.

Leave for 48 hour, util any leaks stop and the wood has properly swollen.

Next, drain the barrel and flush it with clean water until water runs clear from the barrel.

Then add the camden tablets. One tablet per gallon
Swish and around so it comes in contact with all the interior of the barrel.

Drain the solution,

rinse the barrel well .

You are now ready to fill with kombucha, Ginger Beer, Japanese Water Crystals, Water Kefir, California Bees, Tibicous or your favorite ferment.

Please check out GrowlerWerks Beer SCience: Force Carbonating HomeBrew step by step instructions and technical help page. 

NOTE: We guarantee our barrels against initial leakage and damage. The barrel is expected to swell and not to leak upon following the directions above. Damage after is not warranted. The TOP, has been cut open. This does not affect the integrity of the barrel, but may cause wrapping and create an uneven surface. We do not guarantee against this type of wrapping. The pieces themselves may be removed. Such removal will not violate the integrity of the barrel. The barrels may discolor, become black on the outside. This is normal. Thee is a food-grade varnish that may be used to prevent this. However we have found the majority of our clients prefer all natural and do not want any ingredients leaking into their brew. The barrel should be filled and maintained at 75-80% level.

Note 2: the interior of the barrel should ALWAYS be moist and should not be allowed to dry out. A dried out barrel will leak. If you decide not to use the barrel, fill with water, cover and set in a clean cool area. Add camden tablet (one per gallon) for storage, or add a few cups of vinegar. If possible maintain the water below a pH of 4.0.

If you decide to return your purchase - for any reason - you may do so within 90 days and as long as the product is returned in good condition we will refund your purchase price. We do not pay any shipping costs.

At this time our Kombucha Tea is the only know cure for EBS.

Additional Information see our Online Library for Kombucha FAQ, Recipes, 

 Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures

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