Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenter 5-18 Gallons

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Why Choose our Kombucha Symbiosis fermenters?

Research has shown that Kombucha Probiotics ferment faster with a better ratio of beneficial acids when the bacteria and yeast are exposed to a larger surface area.  The typical cylinder brewing pot has a small surface area compared to the depth. This results in limited oxygen exchange snd poor circulation and thermodynamic flow which separates the activity of bacteria from the actions of the yeasts. The greater the surface are the greater exposure the bacteria have to oxygen. The greater the oxygen level the faster the bacteria will convert alcohol to beneficial acids. The yeast also benefit from a greater oxygen levels as they are stay in RESPIRATION  (reproduction) with lower alcohol production. In Kombucha Tea production we are looking for TA (total acids) to be between 3 and 4, with alcohol to be <0.5%. and the pH between 2.5 and 3.5.  The best Kombucha Tea is produced when there is the greatest Symbiotic Relationship - and in a shorter time with the lowest alcohol  content. 

Versus the standard "beer" fermenter-kettles that follow a 1.2:1 ratio where the height of the kettle is 1.2 times the diameter. This - for beer brewers - has been adopted to achieve a more consistent 10% evaporation rate during the boil.  However - Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer, etc, do not" boi" just  simply bring the water, tea, sugar to a boil (or so) without any loss due to evaporation (as would be experienced in the high and longer boil necessary for beer. (Hot Break / Cold Break) and thats why most "fermenters" are that shape to accommodate both as a mash tun, boiler, kettle and fermenter.  

Each fermenter includes pan, cloth cover and elastic support. Support is needed to prevent the cloth from dropping into the ferment. (our 18 gallon pans feature a stainless steel pan cover) . Stick-on temperature gauge, food grade plastic spigot with stainless steel filter, Option include Stainless Steel Spigot.  4 sizes are available. 

5 gallon $79.99

Individual brew capacity 4.2 gallons. size 20 3/4 x 12 3/4 

7 gallon  $99.99 

Individual brew capacity 6 gallons. size 20 3/4 x 12 3/4 

12 gallon $175.99 

Individual brew capacity 10 gallons. size 23.6 x 15.7

18 gallon $199.00

Individual brew capacity 15 gallons. size 25.6 x 21 


Single batch or Continuous Brewing methods . Continuous Brewing Method may allow from 10 to 20% higher production rate Quantity discounts available. Stagger or alternate brewing cycles, and flavors. as well as other Probiotics like Jun, Water Crystals, Ginger Beer. Easy to harvest, clean and start again Easy to expand, Little worry about outgrowing.

Complete turn key systems available.


Another idea for summer event selling is to make your own Kombucha Slupee or Kombucha Water Ice . Make these ahead of time is simply and easy and we've found really nice on hot summer days. Check out our Blog .


For a more shelf stable Kombucha drink consider our Kombucha 50X - organic kombucha tea extracted similar to the 1928 German Patent Kombuchal  and our pure crystal clear Kombucha Distilled at 10 x the potency of typical kombucha.  No chemicals added. Alcohol free. Shelf stable.  Wholesale available. text 919-518-3336

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