Kombucha Special. Kombucha Cocoa Tea


Traditional Organic Kombucha Mushroom Culture Starter  Plus 1 ounces of Certified Organic Free Trade Dutch Cocoa with no additives, no sugar. 

Kombucha Cocoa Mushroom.

So Good, and Good for you.

Cocoa is a pre-biotic. Food that helps our good bacteria and yeast grow and multiply. In feeding themselves they create better absorbability of the medicinal values of cocoa into our bodies. There are hundreds of great things that kombucha help our bodies do and now you can combine the over 50 health benefits attributed to cocoa. Know that these are better when taken together.  You can choose to add cocoa to the start of the ferment. Cocoa is and does ferment very well. Or you can add after you harvest your brew. Just add to your taste. 

Our  Kombucha Culture starts you off with enough liquid starter tea  and cultured mushroom to make 1-2 gallons of kombucha tea. Continue to make additional batches by simply adding sugar and tea, and cocoa as desired.  You and your culture will live the dream and be Stronger Together. 

We start you off with 2 ounces of pure organic cocoa. How long that lasts is really up to you. Just a spoonful is enough to add great taste and make gallons of heavenly Kombucha Cocoa Tea. 

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 How to Make Kombucha 

 Simply Boil Water, Add Sugar, Add Tea, Add the Kombucha Culture , set aside for 9-14 days, drink when you’re ready. To enhance the flavor and health check out our  Kombucha Brewing Guide articles. 

 Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

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Height 11.00
Width 8.00
Depth 2.00
GTIN Kombucha Mushroom Culture
MPN Kombucha Mushroom Culture
Sku KOCocoa
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Kombucha and Cocoa Magically Healthy
Kombucha Mother and Baby
Over 50 health benefits can be attributed to Cocoa. Good for the Heart, Anti-inflamatory, so much. And these benefits are better when combined with probiotics like Kombucha.
Free Trade. Certified Organic.. Nothing added. No Sugar. Pure Dutch Cocoa.