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ArdeShir Farshchi is an entrepreneur from southern California who has been brewing and distributing Kombucha Tea since 1995. He is a conscientious brew master using the finest organic ingredients and insists on high quality. His Kombucha tea comes in brown glass bottles with long neck to fully protect the living kombucha microorganisms, while protecting from exploding glass.  This dedication delivers a rich foaming, sparkling kombucha tea with high potency. The taste is sweet and importantly has the proper pH. (A difficult feat) Available in traditional Organic or Ginger Brew. Arde offer this fine selection in 12 fluid ounce with twist off/on caps, a 25.4 fl oz Champaign bottle for those special occasions, and a 64 and even 135 fl oz bottle for serious kombucha drinkers. (135 ounces thats over a gallon!)

The wonderful healing power of Ginger. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Ginger warms the middle, expels cold from the Stomach and Spleen. Ginger tea is often used for diarrhea, nausea, and morning sickness. For devastated Yang. (tiredness, fatigue, run down)  Warms the Lungs, transforms phlegm. Warms the channels, stops bleeding from cold deficiency with hemorrhage of various types, esp. uterine. Ginger also has some anti-bacteria properties yet this kombucha brew is still alive and flourishing though somewhat diminished, as is true in all commercially bottled kombucha we have tested. All in all, Kombucha2000 KT delivers a powerful energetic all organic probiotic with sparkling taste and character.


Flavors  Certifed Organic & Kosher


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