Kombucha Mead Complete 5L Glass Brew Kit w Spigot

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Kombucha Craft Brewing. Make Real Mead like a Suburban Viking. Complete Kit to make One Gallon of Kombucha Mead.  Just add honey and water to continuous brew forever. Save 25% by buying our complete kit. 

Kombucha made with Honey and slightly anaerobic brewing offers the world renown health benefits of Kombucha Tea along with the benefits of honey with the character and sensation of mead. 

If you love the taste of fermented honey but don't want the alcohol don't use the airlock. Instead cover with a cloth or paper coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. You'll then create what is popularly known as JUN. A healthy probiotic fermented Green Tea and Honey with low or no alcohol. Typically less than 1/2 of 1%. Refer to our Kombucha Craft Brewing guide for full information and the differences between a lactobacillus (bacteria) ferment and a Kombucha (gluncobacter, bacteria) ferment, and mead.    

 Kit Contains:

One Gallon lead-free Glass Dispenser with food grade plastic spigot  (reg $9.95)

*  Metal Stand  (reg $5.00) 

Airlock  (reg $7.95) 

* Kombucha Mead Starter Culture  (reg $19.95) 

We use a sweet mead yeast developed by White Labs. This variety of yeasts works fast and more complete and gets along with our Gluconobactor (bacteria).  We found this yeast more agreeable to honey than other typical yeasts which took longer and were more inconsistent. 

* COSTCO Organic Honey. one pound ($4.65) 

Use from 1 pound of honey to 6 pounds of honey per 3/4 gallon of water. The Honey definitely imparts its taste. They are not all the same, nor are they equal. Some foreign honey add cheap sugar or high fructose corn syrup. We recommend you buy local and to support your local growers. The amount of honey reflects both in its taste and alcohol levels. Plus the time to ferment. One pound takes > 14 days at 75F. Higher temperatures are not encouraged as the Gluconobactor will be more active and reduce the alcohol to acetic acid with a more sour taste. This recipe is for "Still Mead" or low carbonation mead that produces 3-4 % alcohol and sweet, slightly sour taste.   6 pounds of honey per gallon may take several months to ferment and another few months to properly age. That alcohol levels tilts upwards of 15%. 

Goji Berries, Superfood for humans and kombucha. Adds health, vitality and long life.  (reg $1.25)

* Stick On Temperature gauge  (reg $3.75) 

*  Complete Instructions Plus our Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide. (available as a Free Downloadable PDF

*  When completely fermented serve from from the Glass Dispenser. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Toll Free and text support

 Super selection of brewing containers for your fermenting needs. We are constantly searching for new items to make your brewing the most pleasurable event event. 

Should be no surprise. but. Glass Breaks. 

Use ONLY room temperature liquid.

Carefully inspect when it first arrives. We do ship insured. Report any damage immediately.   Clean with white distilled vinegar, and check for leaks BEFORE using .

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