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Complete 1 Gallon Glass Kombucha ALE Brew Kit - just add water 

Make 1 gallons of home-brewed Kombucha Tea, or

Make 1 gallons of home-brewed Kombucha Ale 

Ales were traditionally brewed without hops. local bitter herbs and spices (Gruits) were used to offset the sweetness of the malts (Barley). The Dutch (and Europe) were using Hops to bitter their Biers (Beer). The German Bier Purity Law of 1516 demanded that only hops, water and barley, be used to be considered a true Beer.  Today, and more so in local craft brewing everything and anything are being used and folks are hard pressed to define their beer.  This hold true in the Kombucha World as well. Back when I first started making kombucha, kombucha "had to" be made with only white sugar and black tea 

With our Kombucha Ale kit we include organic black and green tea (for traditionalist) along with our Gruits; Rosemary, and Orange Peel  (Chen Pi). Create a flavorful  scented Kombucha Tea - or Kombucha Ale (with alcohol) and switch between the two or go with your whim. 

We Guarantee Your Success.

Complete Kit Includes;

* Your choice of Organic Kombucha Starter Culture Default choice is our Saccharomyces Boulardii (the traditional Ale yeast other choices 

* Extra Strong Kombucha Starter Tea.

* 1  Gallon Lead free Glass Dispenser with Food Grade Plastic Spigot and silicon washers.

Metal Stand  

*  Blend of our Organic Black and Organic Green Tea for a traditional Kombucha Tea

*  Gruits for a fragrant Kombucha Ale (Rosemary & Chen Pi) If you have a preferred choice just add to the comment section when ordering and we'll subsubstite our rosemary and chen pi for your choice. 

*  Gruit Strainer to keep your brew clear and clean

Organic Sugar

*  Cloth Cover and elastic band (for Kombucha Tea, primary ferment) 

Screw on lid with Air-Lock. (used as a Second Ferment to create alcohol) 

*  Stick on temperature gauge. Learn why Time and Temperature is important in making the best kombucha ever. 

* Our Kombucha Brewing Guide with recipes, problem solving and bottling tips. 

* Free Download Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide 

* Food Grade Plastic Spigot with Silicon Washer

   optional Stainless Steel Spigot. Food Grade and Lead Free

   optional Stainless Steel Mesh Filters either Barrel Filter  or Racking Cane Filter really help to prevent spigots from clogging and makes for a cleaner smoother pour. 

We have a huge selection of available.Gruits;  Tea'sMedicinal Herbs and Spices  We have personally tested these for kombucha compatibility. Based upon my clinical experience and studies of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine,   (licensed California Acupuncturist and Herbalist,) I have noted the unique healing properties of each in the hopes of better serving your personal health goals - or just to enjoy a rich personal and rewarding taste. 

Your choice of any of our Organic Kombucha Mushroom Starter Cultures 

To enhance the flavor and health check out our Free PDF Download Kombucha Craft Brewing  78 page Guide

Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

Look over our online gallery and with large images and descriptions of what to look for and what to avoid.

How to Make Kombucha 


Thank You

Ed and Sue Kasper & family 

cell / text  919-518-3336  established 1997

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