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Milk Kefir. These are the grains that are fermented with milk.

Milk Kefir is an important probiotic that contains many bioactive ingredients, which give it unique health benefits. It has been shown to control several cellular types of cancer and offers advantage in Diabetic and Lactose intolerance adults and children. Improves digestive function. 

Milk Kefir ferments in 12-24 hours and is sweet with a slight soreness. The longer it ferments the sourer it becomes.  The degree of sourness and readiness is individual based. Live Kefir grains grow and multiple.

Dry Milk Kefir Grains. We offer 2 brands, KCN and Tanekin. These are in powdered form and ferment milk very nicely. Produces a healthy milk kefir.  However with each ferment the probiotic microorganisms decline. Therefore you have to replace the Dry Kefir with a fresh package typically on monthly bases. 

Water Kefir, also known as Japanese Water Crystals, are very similar fermenting in water or juices instead of milk.  Ferment time is usually 12-24 hours. The grains are not the same, being smaller in size and more fragile. Produces a sweeter ferment (more sugar) and more alcohol. Does provide some nutrition and digestive health benefit.

Kombucha-Kefir Hybrid. A combination of Kombucha Tea and Kefir. This is a combination of two distinct types of bacteria that ferment sugar and tea. Slightly sweet-slightly sour. Kombucha ferments in 8-14 days. Research indicates that the combination of the two, especially in the treatment of cancers is exponentially greater when combined than the simple combination of the two separate ferments.  

Milk Kefir has the least sugar and least alcohol of the three and one of the world's healthiest drinks. Great in the morning, helps to rebuild the body.

Oh, for those that don't want to ferment, or have time - there's the Ultimate Probiotic yep ... Probiotic Gummies. 

One last thing before you shop.  If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?