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KCN  kefir yogurt culture Starter Package.

Dry Kefir. These do not grow and multiply but they make great kefir. 

Contains 2 packages of yogurt kefir - each package lasts about 1-2 months. 

Includes our 30+ page guide with recipes for kefir cheese, desserts, beauty aids.

Guaranteed healthy and your complete satisfaction

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Basic Kefir Recipe:

Pour one package in a glass of milk.l Any type of milk. Raw milk, cow's milk, goat milk, Skim Milk. 

Set on the counter and the next day you have KEFIR !  Simple, Easy, Healthy.

Save a tablespoon to make another cup of yogurt-kefir.

Yogurt and Kefir Recipe and Tidbits.

Dry Milk Kefir Grains. KCN brand is similiar to Tanekin brand. KCN is from Australia and Tanekin is Japanese. These are dry kefir or kefir in a powdered form. The reference to Milk Kefir is to their food source – the lactose sugar in milk that these bacteria feed on.

Live Milk Kefir Grains, are real kefir "Grains", popcorn size colonies of bacteria that ferment lactose in milk to Kefir.

Dry Kefir is standardized to specific standards. Such as so many lactobacillus forming colony units per million. There are hundreds of sub-species of Lactobacillus. What is in any one home culture, that is exposed to the environment, is impossible to determine without a full lab analysis. Dry kefir is safer in that aspect and purity is maintained by using a new sealed package. Dry Kefir typically point out 2-3 main species. A study of 83 wild Caspian Sea Yogurt cultures revealed that there were as many as 173 distinct sub-species in CSY. Thus its hard to say which one is better.  Real Live Kefir Grains may last several lifetimes but Dry Kefir, but once or twice. With each succeeding glass Dry Kefir culture’s vitality is reduced. Thus one has to purchase new packages to make the next batch of yogurt kefir.

The advantage, of Dry Kefir, is known purity Plus no wasted or unwanted left-over kefir. The disadvantage is that yo ran out of the replacement packages.

 “Water Kefir Grains”.  are a lactobacillus  ferment using water and sugar, and/ or fruit juices. Mother Theresa called these little gems a gift from God.  Mother Theresa took care of the poor and forgotten in some of the world's worst area. At that time people and children were starving to death. These little pea-sized cultures with a little added sugar and small pieces of fruit literally saved lives. 

And Yes now there are  the Ultimate Probiotic yep ... Probiotic Gummies.  No Fermenting, No Milk, No Water, No Alcohol, far less sugar, life is good once again. 

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