What is this ...  happy herbalist coupon code ?

why is KombuchaAmerica using my name?




KombuchaAmerica is using  my name - Happy Herbalist  to draw people to his web store under the pretense of receiving something of value - some coupons !? 



The worst part is those darn pop up ads appear everywhere telling you to download something- and not saying what it is you're about to download. Its not my coupons --- because really, we do not have any coupons. Never did. 

He then continues to mis-represents what I say about kombucha. On basic Continuous Brewing - used in beers, vinegars, and kombucha. He fails to understand basic zymurgy ... how fermentation works… He flatly states that there is no difference in “strains”  Of course there is. Otherwise there would only be ONE Beer, ONE Wine, ONE apple cider, … then he later claims his kombucha is "more potent"  using his secret brewing technique!


No where have i ever claimed that one strain of kombucha is better than any other.

What I do say is that there are differences

Different yeast and different bacteria produce differences in your brew. Different methods (Time, Temperature, Water Quality, Type of Tea, Type of Sugar). will produce different results and greater predictability

Please check into our Independent research. When you know and understand how fermentation works you can make your kombucha better for you. There are no secrets. Its simply zymurgy. 

Folks call me and ask questions. I answer as honestly and straightforward as I can. My advice is not contingent upon any sale. I freely give advice to home brewers, Farmer Marker Brewers, Start-up Kombucha Breweries, and large scale brewers (those for a price :)). 

Beer, wine, vinegar, cider folks all gather freely on the internet, at local and national events and openly discuss How to make their Home Brew Better. Kombucha falls far behind. It remains in the folk tradition and the depth of knowledge is only very faintly beginning to appear. 

I and most of the other kombucha sellers I know do not talk bad about others. They tell you what they offer and offer their advice and opinions.

I’ve found by far most kombucha brewers are honest and trustworthy. I am only saying this now about Kombucha America because he is mis-leading people about Happy Herbalist kombucha coupons - there are none. People get mis-lead to his site and then call me and want their coupon and feel cheated when I say we don’t have one.

This sounds like a scam ….”Kombucha America has now developed an easier and safer way to make a more potent Kombucha Tea . This new proprietary "Easy Brew Method" eliminates the risk of household mold contamination,” 
         Is he saying HIS Kombucha is MORE POTENT ?
         More potent that what ?

Shouldn't he say say How Potent it is?

So secret he won’t disclose any information until you BUY HIS PRODUCT.

 I’ve heard from more than a few that his new “Easy Brew Method is a Test Tube filled with kombucha tea. Easy and cheap to produce and mail. When it doesn't produce a mushroom he blames you. 

Thats probably better than his  2 fer offer. : There folks have told me they received 2 slices of one mushroom. In other words he takes one mushroom and slices it into 4 parts. Gives you 2 slices and tells you thats your two kombucha.  His offer for 6 is really just 1 1/2 mushrooms!

 P.S. I’ve done business with David (GetKombucha) and many others and I know David and others are honest and hard working. Most of them are also members of the Kombucha Association who get together to help Kombucha brewers all over the world - helping each other produce better Kombucha.

Personally I do not know his kombucha. I wish him the best - if he would just get off his high horse.



Here is what we do offer.

Ed, the Happy Herbalist , Kasper