Fermentasaurus Plus

Expected release date is 26th Aug 2017

This is the Fermentasaurus PLUS the Pressure Kit 

The Pressure kit itself retails at $49.95) 

9.25 Gallon Capacity

Special grade Clear PET easy to monitor the ferment in every stage.  Tested safe for fermenting. 

Includes Stainless Steel Stand

Conical Fermenters keep the yeast collected at the bottom and are easily removed for later use. 

This is an excellent fermenter for any type of ferment. Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead,  Jun, Ginger Beer and  Kombucha.

For Kombucha the primary ferment would be completed aerobically (open top) You would then clarify by removing the Trub (spent yeast). You could then do a Second Ferment anaerobically  (under airlock) . When completed you could pressurize (with the optional Pressure Kit) or not.  

The main advantages of the Fermentasaurus over all the Fermenters is unit does it all. Conical fermenters allow you to ferment and clarify. To retrieve the True and use it again. The Fermentasaurus goes one big step further. The optional Pressure Kit replaces the existing lid allowing you to pressurize the Fermentasaurus up to 35 PSI.  You can pressurize and keg or serve directly from the Fermentasaurus. 

We all love carbonation. The pressurization makes for a finer brew serving - and brewing. Helps eliminate excessive O2 exposure and helps reduce esters and fusel (toxic) alcohol production. 

Always draw clear beer with the unique, floating draw tube 

Additional Information

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
Conical Fermenters are great. Yeast gets trapped below and is easy to remove ball. and discard or save the yeasts. Dramatically clearer results. Faster more convenient Bottling. We'll even add an optional spigot midway fro your Continuous Brew
Availability Available in 2 weeks
Height 15.00
Width 15.00
Depth 27.00
Release Date Expected release date is 26th Aug 2017
GTIN Conical Brewer
MPN Conical Brewer
Sku Fermentasaurus
9.2 Gallon Complete Brewer. The Fermentasaurus is the world’s first conical PET fermenter that is pressurizable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure
Fermentasaurus Dimensions.
Fermentasaurus's Optional pressure kit Included.
Fermentasaurus Do everything in one; Ferment, Clarify, Carbonate and serve or keg
HIgh Performance Complete Brewer and Server.  9 Gallon Conical Brewer Made in Australia