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Our Complete 3 Gallon Stoneware Kombucha Mushroom Starter Kit  has been specially made for us in Ohio. American Made Lead & Toxin Free.  


* 3 Gallon Stoneware Keg. Made in America

    Great Ferments either using the Traditional Recipe or our Continuous Brewing Kombucha Method. 

    Diameter 12 inches , Height 12 inch,  Weight 17 pounds. 

* Blend of our Organic Black and Organic Green Tea for a balanced Kombucha Tea

 * Organic Sugar

*  Cloth and extra large rubber band 

 * Extra Large SCOBY (Kombucha Culture) measures 6 inches across by 1/4 inch thick  read more 

Stick on temperature gaugeTime and Temperature  make the best Kombucha Tea ever.  

* Our 3 rd edition of Kombucha Brewing Booklet. 77 pages of tips, recipes, problem solving and bottling tips. Free PDF Download of our 78 page (and growing) Kombucha Craft Brewing with recipes for Kombucha Beer, Kombucha Wine, Kombucha Vinegar, How to test for alcohol, acids,  and more. download for free now and be ready by the time your kit arrives. 

 *  Unconditionally Guaranteed to produce a healthy Kombucha Mushroom Tea the very first time. 


Standard Food Grade Plastic Spigot with silicon washer

Optional Stainless Steel Spigot  Food Grade and Lead Free 

Optional Stainless Steel Mesh Filters for either a Plastic Spigot or the Stainless Steel Spigot offered above. Two options: either Barrel Filter or Racking Cane Filter These really help to prevent spigots from clogging and makes for a cleaner smoother pour.

Optional All Wood Spigot  with silicon insert can be purchased separately.


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To enhance the flavor and health check out our  Kombucha Brewing Guide articles online

Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

Look over our online gallery and with large images and descriptions of what to look for and what to avoid.

How to Make Kombucha 


It's not necessary to know the pH of Kombucha Tea. Why?  Because when you start you're basically starting out as Southern Sweet Tea. Delicious and very sweet. Each day the ferment becomes a bit less sweet and a little more sour. When do you harvest? Exactly when that sweet / sour taste is to your liking. Now it is well known that the more sour the greater the health benefits - but few folks want to drink vinegar. As long as there are no signs of mold, it smells good, and nothing is swimming in there, its good. 

But things can go wrong. We have gathered various tools that are cheap and easy to use right at home. These not only keep things safe but help target when a ferment goes bad, and often before the ferment is lost completely. We offer many tools for those that prefer to keep on eye on their brews. Helps brew with consistency and predictability. A good place to start


We guarantee your success. 



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