6 Gallon FerMonster Carboy PET

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Many Home Brewers prefer the Carboy fermenters made from PET plastic. This is the same plastic as the common 2L plastic soda bottles. Glass is far heavier and prone to breakage, and costly. There is less oxidation with PET than with Glass.

Super clear plastic with markers for 5 – 6  gallon levels.

The Fermonster has a wider 4 inch wide mouth.  Makes everything easier. Big enough to get your hands into. Standard lid has a hole for a #10 stopper.

Cork and airlock sold separately.

Lids  are air tight with the O-Ring.

Weights just 1 ½ pounds.

Hot rated to 140F

No plastic taste or odor

Dimensions: 11 ¼  X  19 ¼.


Air Lock  +  Cork # 10 cork: natural latex with 3/8 inch hole. Top diameter 50 mm, bottom diameter 42 mm, length 25 mm.. Standard S-Shape Air Lock.

Solid  Lid (no hole) air tight lid

Spigot.  We typically place the spigot about 3 inches above the base. Spigots placed on the bottom are more often clogged with the yeast sediment. Higher placement helps keep the spigot free of yeast and less clogging and allows a cup to be placed under the spigot. We will be happy to place the spigot as you wish.  

Cloth and Rubber Band for aerobic fermenting wild beer, kombucha and vinegar. 

Consider Continuous Brewing Method 

Advantage of this is the optimum health benefit of all the numerous nutrients will be available. No weekly cleaning, no worry about the mushroom, mold less likely. Have  Kombucha Tea every day, fresh.  Less need for bottling or storage.  Just fresh kombucha every day.

From research we know that chemically our kombucha ferments are changing every day. Less sugar more beneficial acids. The tricky part is balancing the acids with the sweetness. A 8-14 day brew will have so much of this and that. A 30 day ferment will have more of this and less of that.  A Continuous Brew will be a natural blend at a taste and profile that you want and easier to control.

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with picture

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6 FerMonster Carboy

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