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Case of One Gallon Glass Jars with tight fitting plastic lids.

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Some kombucha purists only believe kombucha should be fermented in glass containers. Dues to the price of shipping we offer these all glass jars in sets of 4. Which is nice because all four glass jars will fit on our heating trays keeping your kombucha brew warn with friends. There is an advantage of setting up your kombucha tea brewing using 4 jars. This allows alternative brewing cycles. By beginning a brew on different days (say Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Sunday, then the kombucha will be ready on alternating days and not all at ounce. Additionally you can set up four different kombucha strains, creating a variety of favorites.  Includes four one-gallon glass jars with paper cover and rubber bands, our own Brewing Guide book. 

Typically one-gallon in a single-stage ferment takes 6-8 days at 80F to be properly fermented. Since one does not fill the jar all the way, actually only about 3/4 and the mushroom takes up some volume. Plus one saves at least 10% (from 1-2 cups for the next batch) and some evaporates. What is left form the typical one-gallon brew is60- 80 fluid ounces.Roughly about one glass per day. That amounts to what many people commonly report making and drinking.

Note: a one-gallon jar is too small for a good Continuous Brewing Method set-up even though those Sun tea jars look interesting. Besides those spigots clog easily and they often leak.Compared to our 2 1/2 Gallon Porcelain Brewing Crock which produces from 10 fluid oz daily to 75 fluid oz daily (roughly 3 gallons week) or 2 gallons per Single StageBrewing Cycle and our Five Gallon brewing container tested safe for kombucha compatibility. Produces from 20 fluid oz daily to 100 fluid oz daily (roughly 7 gallons week) or from 2 to 4 1/2 gallons per Single Stage Brewing Cycle

NOTE: Glass jars are often available at Thrift stores for a few dollars apiece or try your favorite restaurant and deli and ask them to save those pickle jars for you. Sun Tea jars are popular and readily available during the summer. problem is those spigots tend to leak after awhile and have to be replaced. Don't use stained glass, crystal, or glass with any colors as they may contain lead. 2 Gallon Cookie jars usually avail be with glass lids (don't use the lids when fermenting kombucha tea) sometimes appear in department stores. A set of 3 of those will fit with a bit of overlap on our heating panels.


NOTE: his is regular glass not tempered. Glass breaks. Be careful  Glass is FRAGILE. The filled glass container weights about 20 pounds.


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