3 Gal Conical Fermenting System

Amber or Clear *

Brew Demon’s  3-Gallon Conical Fermenter 

Choice of Amber or Clear. 

Clear is nice so you can see how your ferment is doing. But so can your neighbors and friends who may wonder what the heck are you doing. Amber allows you to draw and offer a nice glass of your 'booch to your neighbor and friend that is pretty sediment free - without them giving you that evil eye.

Brew 2- 21/2  gallon batches of Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Water Kefir, or even beer, hard cider, wine and mead. Counts for the loss from the conical section that collects the spent yeasts or trub. 

Heat resistant, food grade PVC plastic - BPA free.

No unwanted flavors or odors into your brew.

Keeps the sediment and yeast out of your brew.  

Produces clearer, crisper ferments. 

This conical shapes favors Kombucha and vinegar ferments, allowing greater oxygen exchange which creates a superior Kombucha and vinegar production.

Makes Continuous Brewing a Snap.

Allows almost sediment free draw and a clear glass of brew

The conical design allows for easy transfer of your brew into bottles. This is Racking where filtering may not be necessary.

  • 3-Gallon Conical Fermenter
  • Height  16” tall x 10” wide…
  • Fermenter Base
  • Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
  • one-inch spigot
  • Venting Plug. No Airlock is necessary
  • Cloth and rubber band 
  • 70 page Kombucha 3.0 brewing guide included. 

Note: You will need a lid gasket if using an airlock. Sanitize before using.


Height 11.00
Width 11.00
Depth 20.00
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MPN Brew Demon 3 gallon
Sku Brew Demon
Unique Conical Fermenting is great
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Continuous Brewing provides the most complete nutritional valves . And you have fresh flavorful Kombucha available everyday.