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FYI. Recently we have been asked the origin of our teas. More so in the recent Japanese Nuclear acident.
We do not sell any Janapese teas.
Our teas are from India, Celyon and China. Our Black and Green Teas are (USDA) Certified Organic. 
 We are proud to offer our selection of truly premium teas at remarkable competitive prices. Each tea has been selected for its fine dining attributes, its remarkable medicinal qualities, as well as those deserving of a true kombucha enthusiast. Pure, high quality tea, you can see, feel and taste. Healthy and refreshing.

Tea (camellia sinnesis) has categories as how it is processed.















roll & dry

semi fermented




fire & dry



White Tea
A category of Green Tea. i.e., unfermented tea. White Tea is the least fermented of all teas. White Tea is considered to higher in anti-oxidants and health benefits than other tea and may have application in the inactivation of pathogenic human microbes,
Green Tea
Green teas are picked and quickly dried by heating. The methods of heating vary from steaming to pan firing, Japanese teas such as the Sencha is a great example of the steaming method, while most Chinese green tea are fired. Our Silver leaf, in the Chines
Oolong Tea
Oolong or "wu long,". In Chinese "wu"--"black"--and "lung"--dragon—One has the Lungs of the Dragon. Oolong follows along in the traditional Chinese philosophy. In the West we tend to believe something is or isn’t. No so with the Chinese. Everything is re
Black Tea
Russian Tea, Ceylon Tea or in China called Hong Cha or Red Tea. Not to be confused by Rooibos a Red Tea from South Africa, which is not camellia Sinensis at all, but a healthy and respectful herbal tea. Black Tea can also mean tea taken without milk. Blac
Pu-erh Teas
Pu-erh tea is often served in (Cantonese/ Southern-style) Chinese restaurants especially after meals as its aids digestion. Pu-erh in Cantonese is known as po-lay, bo-lay tea, or bo-nay tea. Pu-erh tea can be divided into three groups: Pu-erh special tea
Herbal Teas
Herbal teas are simple herbs not camellia sinensis (tea), yet that offer a pleasant drink that is flavorful and healthy. Elderberry, Wolfberry, Ginger, Yerba Mate, are but a few that may enhance and amplify teas and ferments.
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Fu Tea Special Coin Roll Reduce Blood Fat and High Blood Pressure
: $12.95 Out of Stock
Fu Tea  Special Coin Roll Reduce Blood Fat and High Blood Pressure
Coin Tea. 20 coins per roll, 5 grams each total 100 grams over 3 ounces Vintage 2005
free shipping
Water Distiller
: $134.00
Water Distiller
Countertop Water Distiller Stainless Steel Interior includes one gallon container
water filter
Water Filter 10 Stage
: $129.00
Water Filter 10 Stage
Countertop Patentedl filter removes major contaminants.
Extra Large T-Bags Paper
: $7.95
Extra Large T-Bags Paper
High Quality Sterilized Empty Tea Bags 4 x 6 inches, drawstrings 50 pieces ** FREE SHIPPING on this product
free shipping
Culinary Bag Extra Large 3 Pak
: $7.95
Culinary Bag Extra Large 3 Pak
a fill-your own drawstring muslin bag 6 W x 8 L
free shipping
Organic Blend Black Tea (2) and Green (3)
: $7.95
Organic Blend   Black Tea (2) and Green (3)
4 oz packages Bulk loose Leaf tea
free shipping
Royal Tibetan Pu erh
: $16.00
Royal Tibetan Pu erh
Royal Pu-erh (Grade A) Premium Loose Leaf Tea 4 oz aged 4 years
Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea
Dragon Pearls Jasmine Green Tea
: $18.95
Dragon Pearls  Jasmine Green Tea
One of the Best Teas in the World. Fragrant & flavorful 4 oz packages Bulk loose Leaf
free shipping
Rooibos Organic Herbal Tea
: $6.95
Rooibos Organic Herbal Tea
4 ounces Bulk loose leaf
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