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Pu erh Golden Melon

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Our Golden Melon is vintage 2001 and has a nice robust flavor. Full, rich and mellow. A very fine pu-erh today that will only improve with age. This is a quality known as Tribute tea was used to pay the Chinese Emperor in lieu of taxes, only the very best quality teas being acceptable as tribute.These teas come in various sizes and shapes, ours is in the tradional birds nest shape. There are roughly 30 grams per ounce, and makes about 39-45 gallons of tea. This represents a very fine value for a well respected and aged fully fermented Pu-erh Tea. 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Pu-erh gives warmth and energy to the Middle Burner (Spleen and Stomach). Supports the distribution of fluids and digestate and eliminates stagnate dampness. Aids the Gallbladder and ensures good metabolism by removing fats (dampheat) from the blood without decreasing energy. With good digestion, detoxication is achieved. help produce saliva and slake thirst, dispel the effects of alcohol and refresh one’s mind. Pu-erh tea has functions of lowering the triglyceride, cholesterol and  hyperuricemia Those with chronic illness of lungs, stomach and liver or a weakness of these organs can greatly profit from this tea. This tea is often served in Southern China after meals.



Pu erh is a favorite of kombucha enthusiast as its claimed to enhance the kombucha teas overall affect notable in the body aches and pain section. Another advantage is in the teas natural sweetness and less sugar may be used. It’s a ideal tea to use for beginners as this tea does not sour as quickly and hold its pleasant taste a few days longer than typical teas. It is also economical. You need only about 1/2 of what is typically used without sacrificing in taste.


As a rough guide, the higher the temperature of the water or the greater the amount of leaves used, the quicker the steeping time should be. Steeping time remains a personal preference but when brewing kombucha a longer steep time releases more sterols, which in turn favor, the yeasts over the bacteria. Since kombucha brewing is a balancing act a long steep time favors the yeasts, short steep time favors the bacteria side of the equation.

Green teas tend to produce bitter brews if steeped over 5 minutes. Our premium grade White Tea, (White Teas are in the category of Green Tea) do not become bitter and may be steeped 15 minutes or more similar to Black Teas. Our Pu-erh Teas (a category of Black Tea) may be steeped until the cows come home and rarely loose their natural sweetness - but they do become very strong! Additional information on package and accompanying booklet.


A home decaffeinate water-process: Immerse the tea in one cup of boiling water. Wait 30 seconds and remove the tea. Discard that water. Now use the tea in your regular water. 80% of caffeine is naturally extracted in hot water within the first 30 seconds. It is debated the role or benefit that caffeine plays in our lives as well as that in the life of the kombucha. Most kombucha brewers believe that some caffeine is necessary for kombucha brewing.


It is often suggested to rinse Pu-erh first is hot water first before serving.

Bring the water to a full boil. Add the tea and continue boiling. A small amount goes a long way and may be re-used several times. Some folks leave the pu-erh in over night. Nice, never bitter. Strong flavorful, sweet and rich.


Becomes better with age. Pu-erh should NOT BE stored in plastic bags, as condensation and futher oxidation may develop and spoil this tea. Store in a cool dry place and wrap in paper tied tight. Traditionally Pu-erh is wrapped in bamboo leaves. Many folks buy the younger tea and simply store away for the future. Check the prices of a good grade pu-erh that is 10-20 years old !



Po Cha  (Tibetan Butter Tea)  A  typical Tibetan drink.

Ingredients:  (serves 4)


Pu-erh Tea      5 grams    tablespoon or 3-4 t-bags

Water:           5-6 cups

Salt:             1/4 teaspoon

Butter:          2 tablespoons

Milk:              1/2 cup or 1 teaspoon milk powder or 1/2 and 1/2


Of course in Tibet the diary (butter & milk) is from the YAK

Boil water, add tea boil for a few minutes  strain into a butter churn or blender  or a container with a lid.  Add salt and butter and Churn, blend or shake for two or three minutes serve warm.


Additional Information

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