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caspian sea yogurt
Caspian Sea Yogurt
: $14.95
Caspian Sea Yogurt
CSY makes creamy smooth nutrient rich yogurt on your counter top without a yogurt maker
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How to make Kefir
How to make Kefir
: Free Online Article by the Happy Herbalist
How to make Kefir
Turn any milk into a wholesome healthy elixir the whole family can enjoy
Live Kefir Grains
Kefir Live Grains.
: $15.95
Kefir Live Grains.
Live Grains that will continue to grow and reproduce. A true gift and lifelong friend.
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Kefir Book by Harald Tietze
: $9.95
Kefir Book  by Harald Tietze
For pleasure, beauty and well-being. Included with purchase of our Live Kefir Grains
kefir natural healing living food
Kefir by Debra J Norman
: $18.35
Kefir by Debra J  Norman
Kefir Naturally Healthy Living Food
kefir starter
KCN: Kefir Dry Grains
: Out of Stock at this Time
KCN: Kefir Dry Grains
Replacement Packs. Australian-made KCN have been developed to get you started with home Kefir production:. Cones sold seperately..
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