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Lactic Acid -L Test

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lactic acid testy strips
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The L-Lactic Acid Test Kit includes 5 tests, 5 samplers, and an insert with complete how-to-run test instructions. The insert also includes a Summary Interpretation explaining how to use the test results. The label with the color chart is on the front of the kit. (5) tests per kit.


The L-Lactic Acid Test Kit which is intended for measuring the L-lactic acid in ferments to ensure that malolactic fermentation has begun. It is not always easy to determine if the appearance of bubbles following primary fermentation is the onset of actual MLF or merely a ferment "outgassing" as it warms. Can also be used to test for levels of Lactic acid, and thus determine the presence of Lactobacillus.  Has  a test range of 10 - 400 mg/L.

There is also the  D-Lactic Acid Quick Test which is used to determine Lactobacillus the bacteria responsible for producing lactic acid. Test takes about 4 Minutes. These bacteria play an important role in improving the wine quality - but when growth occurs at the wrong time or the wrong species, wine quality and acceptability are greatly decreased. Regular monitoring can help prevent the development of lactic taint and bitter "mousy" or "ropy" wines. Of course they also play a critical part in the production of Ginger Beer, and Japanese Water Crystals, and to a lesser extant in Kombucha Tea, which is primarily a acetic acid ferment specifically relying upon the Gluconacetobacter (which produce the acetic acid and gluconic acid). The D-Lactic Acid Kit has a range of 30 - 500 mg/L.  (10) tests per kit.



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