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Kombucha Mushroom SPECIAL 2 1/2 Gal Porcelain + Kombucha Mushroom Starter with our 25 watt Heater

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kombucha mushroom starter kit
: $99.95
Item Number: 25PorcelainHeateKO

Special Priced. Comes with everything you need to begin making your own Kombucha Mushroom Tea. Just add sugar, tea and water.

Special includes: our 2 1/2 gallon  Green Strope porcelain container (spigot, cloth cover, extra large rubber band, and plastic ring) premium organic extrra thick kombucha mushroom, kombucha mushroom starter tea, New expanded 80 page Kombucha Booklet included with each order. We detailed instructions on How to reduce sugar content while maintaining a great tasting healthy beverage, How to make Kombucha Wine and How to make Kombucha Vinegar. Plus lots of practical useful information form years of making the best kombucha ever. toll free support, and guaranteed success! For a lifetime of brewing enjoyment simply add water, tea an sugar each brewing cycle. Stock up now with our options above.

Our Continuous Brewing Method produces from 20 fluid oz to 60 fluid oz daily (roughly 4 gallons week) Comes with spigot, cloth cover and our special Continuous Brewing Guide.  Simple and the easiest method to ferment kombucha. Once under way just add fresh pure water, sugar and tea. Be sure to order a supply now of sugar and tea so you're ready.  Select the OPTIONS ABOVE for our packaged sugar and tea. Each comes prepackaged in amounts to make 10-12 gallons of the finest kombucha mushroom tea.  


Continuous Brewing Method. The “optimum” health benefits of the nutrients are more readily available. Another advantage is that there is no need to do weekly cleaning, no need to worry about the kombucha mushroom, mold is less likely to form, Great Kombucha Tea is readily available, and there is less need to do bottling or extra storage. Simply pour off a cup of perfect Kombucha Tea.

Only continuous brewing of the kombucha allows the formation of different acids that are constantly being produced and broken down through out the active ferment time.  Kombucha Researcher Mike Rousin indicated that at 80o F and 7 days the ferment has the greatest variety of health benefits. (vitamins, oxylic acid, etc) However, he also noted that the longer fermentation proceeds the more beneficial acids have a chance to form. Some of these acids don't even appear until 14-21 days in the process.  A longer brewing cycle, say 20-30 days, may deplete the total sugar or reduce the caffeine content, and produce the desired acids but the taste (unless finely filtered) is pretty much undrinkable. These acids are largely responsible for the detoxifying nature of KT and are  the catalysts we seek in Kombucha Tea. Glucose content maximizes around the 8th or 9th day. This implies that gluconic acid production could not peak until after that point. Gluconic acid is the biggest single contributor to the detox effect. Therefore only the Continuous Brewing Method has the complete range always present and can be maintained by bottling. Bottling or drinking the brew should be done prior to adding the fresh sugar and tea. If one person wishes a more sour tea simple draw off and allow fermenting longer in a separate uncapped bottle.


CAUTION: According to Cornell Food Sciences (University of New York) Kombucha Tea should be brewed to a 3.0 pH (semi-sweet taste) to ward off possible pathogens. Pathogenic growth can be prevented by the consumption of the properly fermented tea, which in turn aids immunity and illness prevention and leads to better overall health.  However if the fermentation is allowed to continue too long, the acidity can increase to very high levels, which may pose a potential health risk. Acetic acid concentrations may rise to levels as high as 30 g/L (3%) when the tea is allowed to ferment for up to 30 days - except for Continuous brewing where fresh sugar and tea are continuously added. Other factors besides 3% acetic acid have to be taken into consideration. Normal healthy individuals are not considered at risk. Healthy individuals may take acetic levels at twice that level. Other healthy products like Apple Cider and vinegars are often 5% acetic acid.  It is the volume of tea taken, combined with the individual overall health that are the primary considerations. Fermentation may continue and indeed undergo a secondary fermentation when bottling or left in storage. At that stage (acetic acid >2 % ) the normal pleasant tasting Kombucha Tea becomes too vinegary and is often just discarded or watered down with fruit juice or water. pH strips are available at beer & wine hobby shops or directly from us (see options above) Refer also to our online library for safe brewing instructions or feel free to contact us anytime with your concerns.  


According to the  FDA and CDC  kombucha tea is safe.  (investigated all suspicion of possible kombucha contamination) It is reassuring to know that over the millions of kombucha brewers, with numerous methods and standards kombucha is considered 100% safe.  Because there are a great many kombucha recipes and brewing methods it is impossible to pinpoint anything more than a general concern; Stomach gurgling, constipation, or diarrhea; Heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach may be due to drinking kombucha tea on an empty stomach and usually resolved when taken with food. Menstruation may be more pronounced and stronger. Reddish skin rash, or flare-up of an existing skin condition.  If this occurs simply reduce the amount by 1/2 and allow your body to adjust. This may be a Helmix Reaction, “healing crisis” as the kombucha botanical is releasing toxins. The body normally releases toxins through the urine and stool. In more intense times through the skin and nose. A “healing crisis” is similar to the symptoms of a cold or flu and should be resolved within a few days. If not it may be an allergic reaction or signs of a serious cold or flu and something that should be considered by a local medical professional.

Kombucha acts as a blood thinner and may lower blood pressure caution is urged for those with potential hypotension, or on blood thinners. Do not use just prior to or after surgery or while fasting.

If pregnant or nursing: I do not recommend kombucha tea. It seems I argue with many women who insist that they themselves drank freely all through their pregnancy and have given their children Kombucha Tea as well and all grew to be healthy and wise. Matter of fact many women say this frequently. My cautionary is simple one of "Physician Do No Harm” In almost all these cases there is no medical reason (at that time) for intervention. I prefer to err on the side of caution. We do know that kombucha will cross into the milk. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kombucha will break stasis and expel pathogens. That’s what a developing fetus is. However kombucha, in these circumstances, do not appear to have that affect, yet I still advise caution. Children under the age of 4 are still developing their own immune system and therefore I do not advise kombucha, as they their own immune system may not fully develop.  The volume of Kombucha Tea as well as the level of acidity (see above) should be calculated to the child as well as taken the Childs overall constitution.

Please see our Safe Brewing Tips and Cautions.


For more ideas on adding herbs, spices and flavors, as well as in depth research visit our Kombucha research page.

At this time our Kombucha Tea is the only know cure for EBS.


For insurance reasons we only Ship via UPS
Except for Hawaii and ALaska and overseas (USPS) 


If you have any questions or concerns please feel to contact me via email or toll free 1-888-425-8827 Eastern Time Zone local 919-267-6776 Cary, NC 



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