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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kombucha tea was referred to as the Tea of Immortality and the elixir of life. (Tsing Dynasty, China 250 BC)  Kombucha balances the Middle Qi (Spleen and Stomach). By aiding the stomach to better digest food and by assisting the spleen to deliver more nutrition, the body heals itself.  Kombucha helps to break stagnation, reduces damp and phlegm and expels toxins from the body. Hence the Chinese reference to kombucha tea as the Immortal Health Elixir.

Kombucha = SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture OF Bacteria and Yeast. 

A simple natural fermented aged culture, made with pure water, sugar and black or green tea. Kombucha is a probiotic. Pro = in favor of; biotic = life. Kombucha balances the pH naturally.  Our other probiotics are kefir, Caspian Sea Yogurt, Villi Ginger Beer, Japanese Water Crystals (Water-Kefir) and Tibicos

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Kombucha Mushroom Tea is a sparkling cider with

incredible health benefits

Known around the world as both a health drink and a vinegar. A few of the more common names for KOMBUCHA; Kombuchal, Gerbstoffe, Combucha, Kum-Cha, Fungus japonicas, Fungojapon, Indo-Japanese tea fungus, Pichia fermentans, Cembuya orientalis, Combuchu, Tschambucco, Volga spring, Mo-Gu, Champignon de longue vie, Tea Kvas, Teakwass, Kwassan, Kargasok, Kocha kinoko, anywhere you go this Manchurian Mushroom tea gives a long and merry life.

Kombucha and Kefir  are both known as the Tibetan Mushroom. Probably due to the legendary health benefits that both these fermented foods produce.  Kombucha also spelled as Kombu-cha or translated to the Japanese as Kombu (seaweed) and Cha (tea) is commonly confused with the Japanese Water Crystals (Tibi) or Tibicos, which are very similar to Kefir grains. Japanese Water Grains are normally fermented in water (or juice) and sugar and kefir Grains in Milk. Kombucha is fermented in water, tea and sugar. Each offer a unique presentation to health and a tasty beverage yet are distinct. 

Simple and easy to make at home

Brewing your own kombucha tea is simple and inexpensive. Using plain white sugar and common tea costs about fifty cent a gallon to make at home. For the real connoisseur - or for those focusing on a specific health issue, using fine premium or organic tea and organic sugar the cost of a gallon of truly exquisite kombucha tea is still only about $3.00 a gallon.

A therapeutic dose of kombucha tea is considered to be  4-8 ounces daily. I don't know where that number comes from. It is in most books on kombucha, with never any references cited except another book said so others repeat it.  On any commercial KT it is usually listed as "suggested dose" yet there are no warnings of over-use. Some modern authors warn that drinking over 4 ounces per day will cause acidulous or some dire consequences. (Don't believe everything you read!)  People (IMO) drink considerable more with some people drinking quarts even a gallon a day.

Dr Rudolf Sklenar, reported very positive results while recommending one liter (28 fl oz) per day of a well fermented brew (considered 14 days at 78F).

Dr Rudolf Sklenar. reported therapeutic success  on cancer and other metabolic disturbances during his 30 years of research research. see the German patent on KOMBUCHAL. (or his niece's  book.) Some incredible reports continue to be made today by kombucha enthusiast. It is unknown if these miraculous results are from home-brewed kombucha, commercial kombucha extracts, kombucha capsules or something else. It is clear that it is not limited to any particular process or method as there are several different fermenting methods, styles and favorite recipes in wide use.

The popular Single Stage Method.  will produce about 75% of the total volume fermenting in a single cycle. (usually 8 days at 78F). The missing percentage is lost through evaporation and taken up by the growth of the new mushroom. Of that another 10-25% is saved to continue the next batch. Therefore a one-gallon  container calls for 3 quarts /liters of water and will produce about 60 fl ounces (1800 cc) of kombucha tea per cycle.

Brewing with the Continuous Brewing Method allows one to produce from 1 to 3 times the amount being fermented in the same amount of time  - with a  fuller range of beneficial acids and nutrients than the single stage - and all with less effort.  The Continuous Brewing Method, simply put replacing that which you drink that day with fresh sugar and tea, is what my mother-in-law (from Tianjin, China) and her neighbors did back in the early 1970's when they made kombucha tea.

For those that can't boil water without burning it there are extracts and capsules and of course bottled kombucha tea. Personally I don't care much for the capsules, mainly because I feel one is missing so much of all the natural benefits of making your own in your own home - but according to the The 3rd. Congress of Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture capsules were the choice and maybe indicated for those in compromised conditions because the acidity is not a factor in capsules.

There is a difference between fresh brewed kombucha tea, fresh pressed kombucha mushroom extract and commercially prepared "kombucha tea". The commercial varieties often (not always)  contain preservatives, stabilizers  and other ingredients that often are added to extend shelf life and create a standardized uniform taste. 

There is no difference between the fresh brewed kombucha tea and the pressed extract although there is considerable difference between kombucha tea and alcohol extracted kombucha. 

Is Kombucha ACIDIC or ALKALINE .

The classification of kombucha vinegar according to Traditional Chinese  Medicine  is  Sour, Bitter and Warm, and milder than alcohol which is Hot (alcohol contributes to phlegm and stagnation). TCM uses vinegar (kombucha) to break stagnation and to move the blood and Qi. Thus improving circulation and contributing to the general feeling of well-being. 

As a Pro-biotic: Acidic kombucha, pH 2-3.5  aids the Stomach (both in the TCM and western sense) in the breakdown and digestion of food ingested.  Beneficial bacteria and yeasts, that comprise the Live K-T or Pressed Extract (as opposed to pasteurized, neutralized, alcoholic or dead kombucha) compete with and help remove (suppress) harmful bacteria, yeast, parasites. (Probably why Candia sufferers can drink K-T). Then due to the synergism of the stomach acids and kombucha (Acid and Alkaline meets Yin and Yang, Herman Aihara ISBN 0-918860-44-x), kombucha transforms into an alkaline forming substance. Now the transformed Alkaline kombucha pH 7+, aids the Spleen (function in TCM), intestines, gall bladder and pancreas (function in western speak) in metabolizing and distributing that digest throughout the body. Thus IMHO, kombucha truly holistically balances & harmonizes the body.

The actual pH of the body changes. As researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) who recommends drinking kombucha with Coral Calcium. and earlier by the Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. http://happyherbalist.com/german_kombucha_patent.htm 

In China Kombucha has been referred to as the “Elixir of Life” in the west it is commonly called a SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture OF Bacteria and Yeast. IMO, the symbiosis is not between the bacteria and yeasts but between the kombucha ferment and me.

This is one explanation why kombucha works for some and not for others. Kombucha simply makes your body healthier by enabling better assimilation of food, drink and thoughts.

According to scientist and author Robert Barefoot, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and 200 degenerative diseases have been linked to acidic body fluids. Robert Barefoot has recommended  Coral Calcium with  Kombucha Tea to regain one's health and vitality.


Concerns and awareness for Kombucha drinkers.

Drug and Food Interaction [NMSU College of Agriculture & Home Economics] Guide E-507 by Alice Jane Hendley, Diet and Health Specialist.
Although our Probiotics shouldn't affect the elimination of drugs from the system, (that function is usually performed by glucuronic acid, which is produced by the Liver, not Kombucha) there are certain instances where some drugs shouldn't be taken at the same time... certain compounds found in Kombucha, such as caffeine etc., may interfere with the absorption of certain drugs. Acidic foods weaken the affect of Antibiotics drugs . It's a good idea to partake of your Probiotic an hour or two before/after the medication.

Kombucha Mushroom Tea, Is it Safe ?

Determination and characterization of the anti-microbial activity of the fermented tea Kombucha. C.J. Greenwalt, R.A. Ledford, and K.H. Steinkraus

Department of Food Science Cornell University Ithaca, New York 14853


Published Conclusions: Kombucha may be a healthful beverage in view of its anti-microbial activity against a range of pathogenic bacteria. This may promote immunity and general well being. It is recommended that Kombucha be consumed at 33 g/L total acid, 7 g/L acetic acid, to obtain these beneficial attributes.

Those ratios are understood to relate to a pH of 3.0 or below. So be sure to ferment kombucha to about that level. A semi-sweet, slightly tart brew. Like sparkling apple-cider.

or you can use pH strips.


The FDA investigated kombucha......and determined it was safe.

The one obvious warning is to be careful of mold. Since Kombucha is a live food it will attract mold — FUZZY: black, white, or green. When first forming Kombucha looks like mold.

 pictures of actual mold online at  http://www.happyherbalist.com/kombucha_brewing_guide.htm

Our Kombucha are guaranteed to produce a healthy New Kombucha within 14 days ! Just call and we’ll ship out another.

Begin drinking a few ounces of K-T first. and see how your body reacts to it. Some not-to-common “side affects” are stomach gurgling and / or a small reddish skin rash. Cold/Flu like symptoms. If this occurs simply reduce the amount of Kombucha and allow your body to adjust. Remember to drink plenty of fresh clear pure water to help your body flush the toxins that are being released by the Kombucha.

Before you start to notice any difference you have to go through the detox process and build up the amount of kombucha you drink to at least 4 ounces a day. For a therapeutic dose drink at least 4 ounces in the morning and 4 ounces at night. Another recommendation is to drink the first cup of kombucha in the morning on an empty stomach, followed by drinking kombucha the rest of day with meals. Some people suggest drinking kombucha before meals to reduce weight and after meals to gain weight.

Kombucha in any form and amounts (including the whole kombucha mushroom) has achieved most favorable results with DOGS and HORSES. For CATS kombucha is controversy. Our opinion is that it is both safe and beneficial. For all animals (and people) Kombucha Authors; Guenther Frank, Beth Ann Petro, Betsy Proctor, Rosina Fasching, Harald W Tietz, and Bartholomew all write about the benefits of kombucha in fighting cancer as well as other diseases.

Controversy over kombucha—Pregnant Women and Lactating mothers. No reported ill affects at all. The warnings are simply that kombucha (vinegar) will go into the milk supply and secondly kombucha—similar to honey and fermented foods should not be given to babies under the age of 4. I therefore do NOT recommended for pregnant or Nursing mothers or children under the age of 4. Here's why.


The 3rd. Congress of Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture

Kombucha and AIDS Guadalajara Jalisco, México, (11/98)

in patients with HIV in a period of 6 months;

  • Increased CD4 cells count (between 200-500 cell/uL).

  • Gained Weight (8 to 16 pounds)

  • Increase of physical condition ( 20 to 30% )

  • opportunistic infections didn't take place.

  • With remission of the following symptoms:

  • Depression * Insomnia * Fever * Diarrhea * Appetite

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