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Vaxa medical pH strips
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We offer this informative CD produced by VAXA to help people understand a bit more about their health.  The CD also comes with a few strips of VAXA medical grade pH strips so you can test your own pH in the privacy of your home. Only takes a few seconds.  We also offer other pH strips, like those we use in testing kombucha ferments. Those strips may be used to test yourself as well but they are scaled in a full increment each. Going the full pH range 1-14 by one unit. VAXA's pH strips are easier to read going in the range of 5-8 by 1/2 increments, which give a better indication of where you are. We also carry a very easy to use and read Digital pH testor, the Checker1 by Hanna which is accurate to .01.

I believe you'll discover that simple diet and exercise will help re-balance most people. Most people (and almost all disorders) are reflective of an acetic environment.  Surprising lactic acid ferments, like kombucha, kefir and Caspian Sea Yogurt which are acetic are actually alkaline forming foods! Additionally these whole foods are a warehouse of beneficial pro-biotics that not only help to rebalance the body's pH, but repopulate the entire gastrointestinal tract with beneficial flora. (similar to what the Chinese discovered years ago and become the foundation of their medical system. See Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Yin Yang Theory).

Where there is a deeper more chronic or severe condition then interventions like those suggested by Dr Robert Barefoot (Calcium Factor) recommend Kombucha Tea with Coral Calcium.  For a still deeper more thorough cleansing a detox protocol along the lines of Homotoxicology (De-Tox kit) or a combination of homeopathy and natural herbs and supplements like VAXA's Buffer pH+ would be recommended.

The cost even for a long-term extensive treatment ranging a few months is incredible cheap by medical standards. However all products sold by are unconditionally guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  You do not have to rely on just feeling better. You can actually see and feel your improvements by taking your own pH tests in your own home - and those tests can be validated and confirmed at your local physicians office as well.

How Do I Know If I Have An "Acidic pH"?

Test in the privacy of your own home, what your urine pH is. Your urinary pH, is generally a good indicator of how acid or base your total body pH is. When urinary pH is continuously between 6.5 in the a.m. and 7.5 by evening, you're functioning in a healthy range.  Vaxa's Litmus paper / pH Test Strips are considered by many to be the most accurate pH test strips available. They are the choice of health care professionals and health food stores for years for one simple reason. They are the most accurate pH test strips available. Individual strips, rather than a roll, eliminate wasted litmus paper and makes it easy to test your pH. Also, every box of our litmus paper / pH test strips come with two color matched, pH charts so you can easily, and accurately determine your body pH  from 5.0 to 9.0.  (Kombucha Tea is in the 2-5 pH range)

Is Kombucha ACIDIC or ALKALINE ? (Kombucha Tea is in the 2-5 pH range)

The classification of kombucha vinegar according to Traditional Chinese  Medicine  is  Sour, Bitter and Warm, and milder than alcohol which is Hot (alcohol contributes to phlegm and stagnation). TCM uses kombucha to break stagnation and to move the blood and Qi. Thus improving circulation and contributing to the general feeling of well-being. As a Pro-biotic: Acidic kombucha, pH 2-3.5  aids the Stomach (both in the TCM and western sense) in the breakdown and digestion of food ingested.  Beneficial bacteria and yeasts, that comprise the Live K-T or Pressed Extract (as opposed to pasteurized, neutralized, alcoholic or dead kombucha) compete with and help remove (suppress) harmful bacteria, yeast, parasites. (Probably why Candia sufferers can drink K-T). Then due to the synergism of the stomach acids and kombucha (Acid and Alkaline meets Yin and Yang, Herman Aihara ISBN 0-918860-44-x), kombucha transforms into an alkaline forming substance. Now the transformed Alkaline kombucha pH 7+, aids the Spleen (function in TCM), intestines, gall bladder and pancreas (function in western speak) in metabolizing and distributing that digest throughout the body. Thus IMHO, kombucha truly holistically balances & harmonizes the body.

The actual pH of the body changes. As researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) and earlier by the Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. 

A simple Shower may help alkalizes one’s body as well. Perhaps that’s why after a really horrible day a quick shower can be so relaxing!


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Acid or Alkaline Foods and Beverages to consider

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