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Diet and lifestyle are important contributors to health and essential to regain one's health.

Chinese herbal formulas have a long and respected history in health. Completing this free online diagnosis may help determine if  Chinese herbs, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs, acupressure and Qi Gong) may assist one in their endeavors. This should be considered a first step A step in the right direction. Completing this form may also help determine if a Homeopathic approach would assist you.  Besides acupuncture and herbs I am schooled in the Homeotoxilogy approach to homeopathy. This system closely relates to the TCM Six Stages approach to disorders.

TCM and Western Medicine are not the same, and their approaches are radically different. This form will not reveal any western diagnosis of any disease. We seriously recommend that everyone explore all possibilities and all the alternatives available to make the best informed decision available.

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Ed Kasper