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Above 7.0 is considered Alkaline and  Acid is below 7.0  People and animals should be the 6-8 range. There appears to be a direct correspondence to pH and diseases.

pH testing takes about 4 minutes to test yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Suitable for testing urine, sweat, blood or salvia also suitable to monitor your kombucha ferment

Sango coral calcium is the highest grade (Marine grade) coral calcium. 50% of people report positive results within 2 weeks. (for example in acid reflux cases) We can not guarantee positive results for you - but we do unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.


Calcium is essential to the body's pH balance. This Acid /Alkaline balance is similar to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of Yin (Alkaline) and Yang (Acid) This is the balance and harmony that the TCM physician strives to achieve. When the body is balanced there is health. 

Dr.Robert Barefoot recommended taking Coral Calcium and drinking kombucha tea daily to balance the body's pH and to restore health  Barefoot has not endorsed nor is he affiliated with any products that we sell. 

Coral Calcium Complete helps prefect the alkaline pH balance  and strengthen bone mass. 

Derived from the Okinawa Coral Reef, fortified with vitamin C, vitamin D, and Magnesium plus 73 chelated minerals. Actually mining of coral reef is not allowed. However the coral sand is allowed to be collected and is graded by industry standards.  

the most complete calcium mineral blend available today. 

Scientists such as Robert Barefoot have found that over 200 degenerative diseases are linked to Calcium Deficiency – including Cancer; Diabetes; Arthritis; Heart Disease; Osteoporosis; Fibromyalgia; High Cholesterol; Muscle Cramps; Kidney Stones; Alzheimer's Disease; Gallstones; Gout; Indigestion; Eczema; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Lupus; Hiatal Hernia; Hypertension; Headaches and many, many more.  

You have healthy, alkaline body fluids as a child, but as you reach your thirties more minerals leave your body than you ingest. It is this loss of minerals that causes your body to become increasingly acidic. Children universally have a higher pH (more alkaline) than middle aged adults.

When your body becomes acidic (low pH),  this creates a shortage of oxygen in your cells. This lack of oxygen leads to disease and accelerated aging. Excessive sugar, meat and carbonated drinks also lower your pH. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables help raise your pH level. Diet and life style is the single most important factor in our health.

Coral is ideal for raising your pH because it contains ALL the minerals in your body in similar proportion - and provides them in a highly bio-available ionized state! Coral is a whole food. The Coral Polyps digest the sea water rendering Calcium (and 73 other Minerals) in a unique, highly bioavailable ORGANIC form.

pH levels can be raised in weeks for children on Coral, but will often take several months for middle aged or older adults. Start raising your pH now by giving your body the Calcium and minerals it needs - and resist degenerative diseases!

In his book Robert Barefoot recommended both Coral Calcium and Kombucha Tea on a regular bases. 

Coral is most effective if taken morning and evening because your calcium runs low by evening and your body will rob it from your bones if it is not present in your bloodstream.


MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane.  MSM is found primarily in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also found in the human body. Itis a part of the natural sulfur cycle and plays a crucial role in many important functions of the human body which help to maintain good health. 

Relieves Back Pain, Headaches, Muscle Pain, Arthritis, Athletic Injuries

“...effective solution for … degenerative arthritis, chronic back pain, chronic headache, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, tendinitis and bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, post-traumatic pain and inflammation, and allergies."

Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. The Miracle of MSM - The Natural Solution for Pain (co-authored by Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. and Martin Zucker, ©1999),


for additional information on MSM see 

The official website of the MSM - Medical Information Foundation A non-profit organization located in the Hague, Netherlands


Research Abstracts:  Bone Density  Kidney Stones, Intestinal Tumors

Medicinal herbal teas are medicine. 

If you have a disease it is very important to have a correct diagnosis. Medicinal herbs may overwrite symptoms. For example  if blood in the stool is treated with oak bark, (a western herb) or San Qi (a Chinese herb) bleeding may stop but a possible cancer growth may continue to develop and early detection (when looking for the cause of the bleeding) may be delayed. offers a Free Online Diagnosis   This is a A Confidential TCM diagnosis  by Ed Kasper L.Ac., acupuncturist and herbalist.  A California licensed primary health care provider. This TCM Diagnosis follows established protocols established under California law.

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