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Happy Herbalist's Colloidal Silver  made from 99.999% Pure Silver (five 9's) and pure Distilled  water with no additives. Very Clear (low T.E. effect) ~ 20 ppm Does not fall out of suspension in sunlight.

Silver is a natural mineral supplement. The American FDA has not (as yet) determined the Recommended Daily Allowance of silver. There are numerous medicinal uses of silver. For instance in many American Hospitals a few drops of silver are placed in the eyes of the baby as soon as they are born. Silver and especiually silver bandages are used extensively in a hospital's Burn Unit. There is at least one patent issued for the use of silver in an air purification system. Some examples; "The Sharper Image" ad in USA Today of 2-22-06, for a food container that uses nano silver as a preservative. And in the February- March 2006 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, contains a five page article on silver solution as being the final solution to H5N1 Bird flu.  It has an impressive bibliography of 72 items.



Silver sold as a mineral suppliment can not make any medical claims nor can it be used externally, as according to the American FDA a "mineral suppliment must be taken internally".

As a mineral suppliment the percentage of colloidal silver has not been established either by the American FDA nor by conventional use. Colloidal Silver can easily and cheaply - and effectively, be made in the range of 5-20 ppm at home. There have been some reports that Colloidal Silver may be effective in as low of a dose as 3 ppm. More not necessarily better and therefore silver appears, at least in that consideration, along the lines of essiac tea and homeopathy.

Our Colloidal Silver is rated at 20 ppm and we recommend diluting with Distilled Water (only use distilled water as other water may cause adverse reactions) to the desired percentage specific for you.


The real facts on colloidal silver

The Silver List is a moderated forum for discussing Colloidal Silver at: 





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Collodial Silver a few refernces and thoughts

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