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Caspian Sea Yogurt is so easy to make, So creamy smooth and delicious

quick guide

Turn any milk  into a healthy living probiotic 

Make creamy smooth nutrient rich yogurt 

on your counter top without a yogurt maker 

all you need is a glass  a lid and our starter CSY 

made in 6-10 hours at 68-86 oF

 you may never run out or have to buy yogurt again

Live Bio-Active Caspian Sea Yogurt Starter 


Caspian Sea Yogurt may just turn any milk product, from raw organic to  fat-free milk to full-fat cream into a healthy living delicious Super Health Elixir. Practically a meal by itself. Or add fresh fruit, nuts or honey. even kids will ask for! 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  supplies high-quality protein and calcium, 

 rich mineral content and lowered salt content may help reduce the chances of bone fractures, strokes and osteoporosis, which are major causes of elderly people becoming bedridden.


Caspian Sea Yogurt  viscosity acts like dietary fibers to maintain intestinal health


Caspian Sea Yogurt  increases natural intestinal flora, preventing the development of pathogenic germs, including salmonella, E. coli and Candida. 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  helps the body digest proteins and glucides, absorb vitamins B and K, and has been proven to suppress cancer cells. 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  may also prevent allergies like hay fever, age-related disorders and obesity. 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  may regulate estrogen levels by processing them with enzymes secreted by the beneficial bacteria. 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  may eliminate or metabolize the forerunners of carcinogenic substances. 


Caspian Sea Yogurt  may  neutralize certain enzymes before they can turn procarcinogenic substances into cancer causing chemicals.


Caspian Sea Yogurt  produce tryptophan, which stimulates release of serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter that encourages sleep, lessens depression and reduces stress.


Does YOUR milk do all that! Caspian Sea Yogurt may just turn any milk product, from fat-free milk to full-fat cream into a healthy living delicious Super Health Elixir. Practically a meal by itself. Or add fresh fruit, nuts or honey.  BTW our list of health benefits above is not limited to Caspian Sea Yogurt. The list applies to the general category of yogurt, kefir and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha.


Happy Herbalistís Caspian Sea Yogurt Starter


Caspian Sea Yogurt (CSY) is made with fresh milk. CSY is a yogurt that is sweet, mild and soft. It is pourable and drinkable. CSY is not a thick yogurt. More like Go-Yurt TM

Because of shipping and other disturbances our CSY starter may be separated and partly watery. Shake to remix. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. We suggest to use it right away.

To begin Ö.You will need the following;

One package of CSY Starter.

One large clean 16 ounce or larger glass jar with a tight fitting lid

Paper or towel that will fit the opening of the glass container

One rubber band to secure the covering over the glass container

10 ounces of fresh milk right from the fridge. Any milk will work, even low fat.

Squeeze the CSY starter into the clean glass. Add the milk, stir and mix well. Cover with a paper towel. Secured with a rubber band. Set on the counter top. Allow to sit at room temperature for 10-24 hours. By slightly tilting the jar you can see when the CSY is ready. Milk will run along the tilted side. CSY as it firms up will not move. Similar to the firmness of a milkshake. Tilt to check. Like checking Jell-O. Simple. After a few cycles youíll get the hang of it.

Remove the paper cover and close with a tight lid and Refrigerate as soon as it sets. I usually scrape just the top layer off before capping and then place in the refrigerator. Stir slightly before serving.

It is ready as soon as it sets. I prefer my CSY slightly chilled and usually eat it the next day

Too Long the CSY tends to sour or begins to separate. If your CSY is separating or turns sour you have over fermented. Over fermented CSY turns lumpy and watery. If you need to start another batch take a spoonful or two from the creamier center and then stir well with fresh milk. CSY has a pleasant mild aroma. It should never look or smell foul or be fuzzy or colorful.

CSY develops a thin film on the very top. This covering is slightly yellow and if left alone with thicken and form crests or crusts. Simply use a spoon and scrape off and discard. A wide mouth jar makes this easier. The crusts that may form is of another airborne yeasts and is not considered dangerous. (taste very yeasty and cheesy). CSY when properly fermented is bland and refreshing. It is best re-cultured every couple days but will stay in the refrigerator for up to 20 days. Use CSY as you would yogurt or sour cream. With fresh fruit, in smoothies, instead of milk for cereals. You can even make a great soft cheese & dips. KEEP SEPARATE FROM OTHER FERMENTS (Kefir or viili). Suggest separate utensils for different ferments.

Use a fresh clean container every time. Do not forget your CSY!

Be sure to Save Some to start the next batch.

Mix one part (one oz) CSY to 10-17 parts (oz) of fresh milk.

Temperatures in the 70ís are ideal. Do not shake or disturb while fermenting.


see also kefir   and  kombucha mushrooms


To Your Health and longevity

Ed Kasper  LAc 

the Happy Herbalist, combining and creating people friendly botanicals.