Colon-Aid+ is the most advanced natural colon cleansing product available. Colon cleansing the first step to a healthy colon and an excellent preventative measure critical to the proper uptake of certain nutrients and proper digestion. Once wastes have been removed from the GI tract, Colon-Aid+ helps your body repair damage to intestinal walls and improve colon function.


Colon-Aid+ Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleansing formula have been shown to naturally:
Cleanse the lower gastrointestinal tract of undigested debris.
Kills and expel worms.

Inhibits adhesion of disease cells, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
Help reduce intestinal bloating.
Repair micro-tears and lesions, accelerates healing of gastric ulcers.

When our digestive system is compromised, fecal matter accumulates and the stagnating toxins can damage intestinal walls, disrupting nutrient absorption and making bowel movements more difficult. Most colon cleansing products address cleansing but do nothing to help the body repair cellular damage and improve the efficiencies of the GI tract.

Throughout the years, our digestive system works effortlessly, breaking down the foods that we eat into their constituent parts so that the body can take from these resources and rebuild itself selectively where it so desires. But just as our basements become the "workhouses" and "storage rooms" of our homes needing periodic rearrangement and spring cleanings, our lower tract occasionally needs cleaning out too so as to ensure its operation doesn't begin to interfere with everything "upstairs."

Remember, the messier the basement becomes, the more it seems to encroach upon the working order of the upstairs house in general. Similarly, the more our lower tract becomes impacted with foods which have not been appropriately digested or removed, the more we are compromised elsewhere, finding it more difficult to fend off infection and disease, and even extract and assimilate the needed nutrients from the foods that we are continually ingesting. But when our "insides" of the gastrointestinal tract are working normally, then our bodies can restore much to their former efficiencies. Such is thought to also improve our abilities to concentrate as well as possibly improve other mental functions, improve skin tone and eye clarity, enhance hair and nail beauty and strength, and help in the maintenance of our weight -- all by keeping things ship-shape in the "basement."

Traditional Chinese Medicne often use this method (referred to as the Purging School) and although it is very effective, most of the time we find that the person is in too weak of a condioned. Purging may damage the body's Qi (energy). Additionaly purging exposes the body to other external patogens or worse if the purging is not complete moves the pathogen deeper inside the body. Another option is the homeopathic approach that VAXA has developed. Vaxa's Colon-Aid+, is an advanced colon cleansing product, which works to cleanse the lower tract (the body's "basement") from undigested food particles, dangerous toxins, and diseased tissue, helping the body to naturally restore the walls and mucosa of the intestine so as to function more efficiently. This colon cleansing process ultimately allows the healing of this most sensitive tissue so that it may perform optimally while increasing the liver production of bile and secretions from the glands of the intestinal tract.

If not corrected, a faulty digestive system can cause acute and chronic constipation, hypogastric pains, acute and chronic diarrhea, enterocolitis, prolapse of rectum, painful discharges, distension of abdomen from flatulence and gas, indications of cirrhosis and jaundice, colic, atonic dyspepsia, weak stool formation, and ineffectual evacuations with a tendency to hemorrhoids.

Please Note: As constipation is associated with pressing headaches, this generally suggests electrolyte and neural buffer imbalances within the Gastrointestinal Tract. Without proper electrolyte balance and buffering, peristaltic (involuntary contraction of muscles forcing contents downward) movement of the GI tract will be inhibited and constipation will result and endure. In these cases, the addition of Vaxa's Neuran with Colon-Aid+ will be called for, adding the necessary neural buffers and electrolytes to reestablish correct, smooth peristalsis. It is also important to use Vaxa's ReFlora+ in the morning following the use of Colon-Aid+ so as to reestablish the correct populations of bacterial flora within the gut after cleansing.

Formula Highlights

COLON-AID+ is a Scientific Formulation of Natural Ingredients Including:

Psyllium Seed & Husks: A source of fiber used safely worldwide to keep the digestive system clean; able to absorb water and expand the bulk of stool, gently helping the body remove old, undigested debris from intestinal walls.

Natural Laxatives (Cascara Sagrada, Aloe Vera, Elderberry & More): Pull water and electrolytes into the large intestine, reducing bloating, increasing the amount of fluids in the intestines and safely stimulating peristalsis - the natural, autonomic muscle contractions of small and large intestines which is necessary to move food along the gut.

Buckthorn & Gentain: Help the bowels evacuate normally by stimulating digestive secretions and intestinal contractions thereby aiding the body in the expulsion of waste.

Rhamnus Purshiana: Acts as a parasiticide, expelling worms and other impurities from the colon.

Licorice Root Extract: A highly effective natural laxative that also aids in the body's self-repair mechanisms; contains glycyrrhizic acid with has been shown in clinical studies to accelerate the healing of gastric ulcers.

Berberine Alkaloids (Barberry & Goldenseal Root): Exhibit strong antimicrobial effects, aiding in the eradication of toxins in the lower tract and inhibiting the adhesion of disease cells (bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.) to the body's host cells, making them useful for the majority of common gastrointestinal infections.

Potassium: An essential electrolyte often depleted by an increase of fluids in the intestinal tract.

Pectin: Believed useful in colon cleansing because of its gelatinous, lubricating qualities.

Free Form Amino Acids, Micro-Nutritionals & More: Further support the bile forming function of the liver and the gland secretion activity of the intestinal tract, aiding in the process of cleansing and purging the digestive tract of accumulated toxins and debris.

Vitamins, Micro-Nutritionals & More: Further supports the rebalance and maintenance of the body's metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein, aiding in the proper management of blood glucose levels.

As a california primary-care provider (Traditional Chinese Medicne) I believe diet and lifestyle are the two most critical choices one can make in their health-care decisions. If one is plaqued with parasites and /or dirty pipes I would consider diet as number one. I recommend beginning by drinking 1/2 of your weight in ounces of fresh pure water (distilled is the best). If you weigh 100 pounds drink 50 ounces of pure water each day. More if you drink coffee or carbonated soft drinks. Drink Kombucha Mushroom Tea (as a pre-probiotic) and then consider COLON-AID or PARASITIN+. Then after (not before) begin a probiotic diet (real fermented foods) do not take probiotics in capsules, make a committment to your health and eat wholesome foods. If you find yourself unable to stanbd the sight of wholesome food then consider the capusles forms and products like REFLORA+ to rebuild the intestional flora.

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