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Kombucha Recipes & Ideas  (we're still updating)

Home Made Kombucha Herbal Vinegar  


"medicinal herbs"  prescribed for a specific individual (not a broad category of disease) may be added after the Kombucha (brewed with normal Black Tea) has  "aged"  14 days or longer. This lowers the pH and has a vinegar tasting quality to it.  Due to its lower pH the Kombucha itself may last quite a long time. However the brew is still alive and as such will interact with added ingredients such as herbs and spices - which may degrade and form mold. Therefore it is advise to use completely within a few days. If you are using our own Happy Herbalist's Pure Distilled Kombucha Essence than mold will not form.see adding herbs to Kombucha

Today there is considerable interest in food as medicine. One popular "Super Tonic" is the combination of  vinegar with Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Hot Peppers,  Horseradish and honey. You can easily substitute your Kombucha brew for vinegar and adjust to your taste. BTW this combination sounds great for a salad!  also available prepared with our own Kombucha Essence.

PH Balance Rx KT and Molasses

This is a great formula for balancing the Acid/Alkaline ratio in the body and supplies Iron and Potassium. This formula is vital for those with Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and many other debilitating diseases.

1. One cup of well aged kombucha tea (8-14+ days) 

2. One cup of Organic Black Strap Molasses.

Mix together in your blender and store in a glass jar (does not need to be refridgerated). The average adult dosage is: 2 to 4 tablespoons a day.


As Robert Barefoot recommends Kombucha Tea and Calcium leads to health by balancing the body's pH. see Acid / Alkaline (TCM Yin/Yang) explanation   

Additionally KOMBUCHAL (see patent) research in Germany predicated the same !

Here's a simple easy recipe for those that eat eggs and drink K-T

Save the EGG SHELLS form your eggs. We of course recommend using only organic eggs. BTW we also recommend poaching the eggs but cook the eggs any way you choose. Thoroughly rinse the egg shells and allow to dry out. Crush the shells and add to aged Kombucha Tea. The more sour the more better. Add enough K-T to completely cover the egg shells plus 2-3 inches over the top, leaving 2-3 inches of air space.  Cap the container and allow to sit for a few days shaking occasionally. The egg shell will dissolve and your K-T will now be fortified with calcium. The health of this drink is theorized in the 1931 German Patent.

An advantage of this is that the sourness of the aged K-T will be neutralized by the calcium. 

A further development, if you choose, would be to evaporate the K-T Calcium mixture. The simplest efficient method would be use a stove top double boiler. 


Add Fizz and Sparkle to your Kombucha Brew by adding a slice of  ginger to fresh filtered and decanted Kombucha. Store in plastic soda/ water bottle.

Kombucha Tea  Gargle for a sore throat Kombucha Tea and Honey mixed together take before bedtime for a restful sleep. Boil equal parts and inhale the steam for headaches. Nagging cough or sore throat: Drains sinus

As a Douche  dilute well aged kombucha  at least half with water, more if there is discomfort, and use at room temperature. Be sure to well age the kombucha because if there is any sugar left its sticky and not a good thing. 14 days is usually OK and the older the better.

As a Foot Soak  dilute well aged kombucha  with water, more if there is discomfort, and use at room temperature. Be sure to well age the kombucha because if there is any sugar left its sticky and not a good thing. 14 days is usually OK and the older the better.


leave Kombucha Tea  in a loosely covered bowl and as the liquid evaporates the Kombucha Tea turns to taffy.

- try adding herbs and spices for candy or herbal drops.

For softer skin beat an egg white until frothy and add a tablespoon each of honey and Kombucha Tea. Let dry completely, then sponge off with cool water.

Itchy Skin ? try Kombucha Vinegar instead of Soap simply rub onto skin and forego the irritation of soap

Slice paper thin and prepared like Calamari. similar to tofu, cut up sautéed with veggies and sauce. Add to Soups and Stews.

KT on a cotton ball on your face every night helps prevent pimples and improves skin tone

Sliced Kombucha Mushroom with Hot Peppers and Kombucha Tea – Sizzling

keep extra longer fermented KOMBUCHA for marinating chicken, shrimp, beef or pork. Use as you would vinegar.

Another Idea:  add the Pig Arthritis Formula  (Gelatin Powder and Colloidal Minerals & Vitamins) to the Kombucha

Cut up a piece of old Kombucha and put two strips into a vase holding fresh flowers and the flowers actually seem to perk up.

Add 1/2 cup Kombucha Tea and a small handful of sage  for a soothing bath.. Kombucha Tea in the final rinse takes the fizz out of a new permanent and to revive an old one.  

Blend a Kombucha Mushroom  with 2 gherkins, Load lots of Kombucha Vinegar over french fries, and arrange neatly in a small dish, slice of lemon and lime to garnish and voila!,   Gherkin Pomme Fritters a La Kombucha.

pour blended KOMBUCHA (and other compost items) around and under flowers and plants   Kombucha  Compost works very fast. good for acid loving plants like: rhododendrons, azaleas, summer sweet, camellias, acers, pieris, avocado trees, gardenias, hibiscus, tomatoes, peppers ...  to many it seems Kombucha has  saved ailing plants and trees with a well placed culture. Keeps slugs and snails at bay - seems they won’t cross the KOMBUCHA Snail barrier!

Kombucha Banana Strawberry  Smoothie

10 ounces orange juice

4 ounces Kombucha tea.

One piece of fresh Kombucha colony (sized to palate)

5-6 large fresh strawberries

1-2 large banana

Blend all ingredients at high speed in your blender until smooth,

Grilled Kombucha Marinated Salmon

1 cup Kombucha Tea

1 cup Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger

4 to 6 cloves of chopped garlic

1 small onion

Mix the ingredients together and marinate fillets in the  refrigerator overnight Grill over hot coals and serve with lemon and orange  slices over wild rice.    

If you like tea but don't want the caffeine, simply steep the tea in boiling water for 30 seconds. Remove the teabag from water  and throw away the liquid. Use the same teabag to (now caffeine reduced) to brew your Kombucha    Since most caffeine is released in hot water during the first 30 seconds, you're now left with lots of antioxidants but practically no caffeine.

KOMBUCHA Battered Fried Fish

dipped chunks of Fish into two cups of Kombucha and then into a batter made up of equal parts  flour and  cornmeal, salt and pepper, and a twig or two of dill and fry in olive oil till golden brown.    

Serve with Sparkling Kombucha

KOMBUCHA Salad dressing

Start with some zesty vinegary KOMBUCHA Brew and to your delight add a clove of Garlic, bright red hot pepper, some oregano,  sage,  fresh ginger. Olive or Sesame oil. For a creamier texture add mayo.

One  favorite vinaigrette is a zesty KOMBUCHA with Tarragon



 2 ounces Aged Kombucha Brew

 1 tbsp olive oil

 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

 1 pinch favorite seasoning

 1 tsp of honey

our own special distilled Pure  Kombucha Essence

contains all the water soluble nutrients of the kombucha 

Soak  sprouts with Kombucha vinegar  instead of water, When  sprouted  cut up bits of fresh Kombucha  and toss together with peanuts and cashews. 

Take along your Kombucha Sprouts  to a Dinner Party. 

Never Be political Correct !!

Mix with fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, artichokes, for a cool side salad

Green Kombucha  take fresh green tomatoes, bell peppers, chilies, cucumbers and cover with Kombucha Vinegar wait a few weeks and watch a late movie with a friend 

don’t forget your furry friends. Dogs seem to love them straight. I’ve been giving Butkus (my 90 pound Golden Retriever) small scraps of KOMBUCHA every few days and occasionally a few drops in his water dish. For small critters (cats who are more finicky) give them very small doses in their water or mix 1/2 teaspoon of KOMBUCHA with their regular food


Use the really vinegary stuff as a foot soak, and also as a pet wash - just apply liberally and rub into their coat and towel dry.   You can also add a few drops of Vit E oil or add it to a beaten egg white for oily skin or egg yolk for dry skin.


(Butkus favorite—but he did eat everything!)

2 cups whole wheat flour       

 1/2 cup corn meal

2 tps vegetable oil                      

1 teaspoon salt

1 egg                                               

3/4 cup Kombucha Tea

add vitamins - minerals - herbs

mix together and shape into doggie bones, add more flour if necessary. Use a fork to put air holes.

Bake for 1/2 hour at 350o

In their book "Kombucha Tea for your Health and Healing"   Alick and Mari Bartholomew state

Several people have reported to us how their elderly Cats and Dogs have shown a significant improvement in health and vitality after being given Kombucha. Skin has improved and coats have become glossy, in addition to brighter eyes. Other senses had improved with an overall increase in energy.


We were told of a Cat 15 years old who had a tumor, and was given 1 teaspoon of Kombucha tea in its water every day. Its energy improved to the point of being quite Kittenish, and its bowel movements returned to normal.


Kombucha  Cream

Blend  well-aged Kombucha Mushroom  with Aloe Vera , skin cream and or Your local Mega Vitamins Mineral supplement.

Suggested Use:  For rough or irritated skin, to soften skin, use daily apply liberally and wipe off.  Not necessary to rinse but recommended when using the first time. As a Hair Rinse after washing hair apply to wet hair, leave on for a few minutes rinse off.

Caution: Pure Kombucha Puree will tend to dry off in small "frizz balls" on the skin or hair.


Kombucha Energizer


  Use for workouts and Body Building. Add to pure water and drink often. take a tablespoon in pure water or fruit juice before meals and before bedtime  …     over 140 nutrients each food grade package contains 3-4 ounces

10 packages only $15.95 … Our Kombucha Energizer Elixir is our own brewed Kombucha Tea, Kombucha Mushroom Extract and Kombucha Vinegar fortified with TRC™ Liquid Logic™ which includes 77 Plant Derived Minerals, 12 Vitamins 17 Amino Acids, Antioxidants and 12 Herbs

interested in medicinal herbs and kombucha see adding herbs to Kombucha

Kombucha Drum  Skin   & Leather-Like Stuff  

Kombucha is a natural cellulite product.

 KOMBUCHA can also be dried and was often (I’m told) used as shoe leather. Nowadays people use it for drum heads and leather craft.  After a KOMBUCHA  has air  dried about 95%,  and is flat as a board but still very flexible, you can put it on your drum and let it finish drying. You can also create small Kombucha-leather amulet pouches and other leather products. The DRIED KOMBUCHA is actually tough and strong as leather but easier to work with when sewing in designs, etc. except holes once punched into it won’t re-close as leather would.

Dried Kombucha also make a fun and healthier chew toy for pets

Kombucha Mist

Kombucha plus  77 plant derived Colloidal minerals, 12 liquid vitamins, Aloe Vera, and natural herbal scent (Huo Xiang).

Suggested Use:

Spray on Skin and Face for a refreshing pick-me-up, Spray in mouth as a vitamin and mineral supplement. Spray on hair for a new glow.

Spray on your friends—but ask first !


Some of these are available from the 


A lot of folks enjoy making

their own at home and

giving some away for presents

have a favorite recipe let us know and we will list it here as well as your comments and suggestions   email:     eddy@HappyHerbalist.com


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